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Mitch McConnell’s Do Nothing Republicans…


Date: March 6, 2020

01) Mitch McConnell’s Do Nothing Republicans

“Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses Mitch McConnell’s Do-Nothing Senate Republicans, who have refused to serve as a check on Donald Trump’s power or take up the nearly 400 bills passed by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. Fortunately, voters can send many of them packing come November.”

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America’s Great Divide: Robert Reich Interview – FRONTLINE…

Date: March 6, 2020

01) America’s Great Divide: Robert Reich Interview – FRONTLINE

“Robert Reich is a former U.S. secretary of Labor and the author of many books, most recently Common Good. He is a professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley.

Reich’s candid, full interview was conducted with FRONTLINE during the making of the two-part January 2020 documentary series “America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump.”