My Truth: Corey Feldman Reveals Shocking and Heartbreaking Abuse…


Date: March 10, 2020

01) My Truth: Corey Feldman Reveals Shocking and Heartbreaking Abuse

“Corey Feldman reveals shocking and heartbreaking abuse. His movie, “My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys,” will debut March 9.”

He’s at it again…

…complete with a new opportunity to pay him money…a curious, ever present theme, throughout his decade[s?] long campaign.

Is he actually going to do something of substance, or is he just plugging his new movie?

I suppose we shall see.

It’s curious he took so little issue with this, while he was still getting decent movie roles.

There is nothing revealed in this interview…just rehashing of the same old things…some of which have been refuted…

In fact, I thought Corey Haim’s mother sent a cease and desist warning to Feldman, over some of this.

Will be interesting to watch this unfold.


1 thought on “My Truth: Corey Feldman Reveals Shocking and Heartbreaking Abuse…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I should have said more here…and possibly less regarding the quick rehashing…

    Mostly, I just posted this to mark/announce that Corey released his promised movie.

    It would be interesting and welcome if anyone who has seen this movie wished to leave their thoughts about it.

    I continue to be of the opinion, that anyone who has consistently tried to financially capitalize on this issue, raises deep concerns with regard to their actual motives.

    Allegedly, there are these “organized predators” who pose an “immediate danger” to children…yet, the public has to pay money to find out who?

    There is a reason why Corey Feldman is only getting platformed by tabloid media.

    Corey has been a real agent of constructive change in the entertainment industry…and he has been badly betrayed by his own parents…He’s been used, exploited and cheated, yet came back to establish protections for young actors in the business.

    He is not without his genuine, deserved accolades.

    Thing is…his initial complaints about his own experience were not found to be substantiated…his broader claims have not been found to be substantiated…there is a lot of refutation of his extraordinary claims…

    …and he’s been conducting himself in ways all along, which make it look like he’s trying to financially exploit public fears of sexual abuse in Hollywood.

    He “knows something big”…but you always have to pay him money to “find out”.

    It’s honestly just not right.


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