EQF Community Links Updated & Censorship of Male Sexualists…


Date: March 16, 2020

The EQF Community Links Page has been updated.

I’ve added some nice additions.

I have a huge backlog of URLs to go through, and vet for inclusion…The work around here is never over…in fact, it just keeps growing.

I do appreciate those who alert me of links that have gone bad…not that it’s happened very many times…but when a links page gets this large, hunting down broken links is a chore.

A Little Side Note:

I’ve noticed the Male Sexualists suffering some degree of censorship, even here on WordPress.

Far be it from me to tell anyone else how to behave…

…I just know from experience and what I’ve witnessed…that a lot of times in life, especially for those of us who are marginalized…we have to reign in our own emotions and disconnect from them, if we want to have a place on mainstream platforms.

If you let your emotions and anger dictate how you blog [etc.]…you’ll probably end up with a blog [etc.] taken down by it’s host.

One of my primary hesitations in fully embracing the Male Sexualist community [and adding many of them at the EQF Community Links], is that I’ve witnessed a lot of degradation and vulgar bile towards various people…

Perhaps those people deserved a stern, derogatory response…but here is the thing…

…This is not a level playing field…and “you” are the odd man out, who will not be treated fairly…Which is why “you” have to be better than they ever could be, just to have a chance to make any meaningful response.

…That’s just something to think about, if you don’t want to be kicked off of a platform.

– Steve Diamond

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2 thoughts on “EQF Community Links Updated & Censorship of Male Sexualists…

  1. Yurinho

    I also try to not let my emotions take over while I’m blogging, but it’s not easy task, specially when reading through comments to reply to them.


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