Pedophilia, Religion, Sex, Faith, Education, Spirituality…


Date: May 04, 2020

01) Pedophilia, Religion, Sex, Faith, Education, Spirituality

“The Valance Issue: Episode 4
Note: I have given my information to the FBI, so if they’d like to investigate me, they can via due process. Hateful (not simply disagreement) comments will be reported/removed.

I apologize for the water mark across my face. I can’t get around this without buying a product key and I am not able to do so right now. I used filmora9 to trim the video down a bit. I am also aware that the audio is terrible. My microphone is inaccessible right now. I will be getting the mic ASAP.

In this episode I talk about religious dogma and rituals, and how they relate to the misappropriate of sex strictly for reproduction within the context of marriage. I also talk about an educational pay-wall and how religion and faith (not spirituality) are at odds with education (i.e. facts, wisdom, gnosis, etc.).

Read a few of my undergrad research papers on at the link below. READ THEM


If you were moved by this video and want to help me buy a product key for filmora9 to get rid of the “water mark”, please consider making a donation at my Patreon or PayPal linked below.

I normally don’t bring requests for donations to this blog, but sometimes make rare exceptions. I will do so, today. – Steve

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