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Twitter Punishes Candace Owens For Dangerous Covid Lies…

Date: May 05, 2020

01) Twitter Punishes Candace Owens For Dangerous Covid Lies

“Twitter cracked down on Candice Owen.

Commentator and right-wing Twitter activist Candace Owens has been locked out of her account, she says, over a tweet instructing Michigan residents to violate the state’s lockdown orders issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and saying that the police won’t enforce the orders.

The tweet that was flagged by Twitter as having violated the site’s policies was shared on Saturday, after she sent it to several fellow prominent right-wing accounts.


Saagar Enjeti: Joe Biden’s Absolutely PATHETIC Attempt To Win The Internet…

Date: May 05, 2020

01) Saagar Enjeti: Joe Biden’s Absolutely PATHETIC Attempt To Win The Internet

“Saagar Enjeti explains how the Biden campaign plans to target the suburban vote through “Facebook empathy moms,” virtually ignoring the youth vote, Latino vote, and black vote; blasts George W. Bush for posting a video that calls for unity.”

Reich at Home: Why Trump’s Plan to Open the Economy will be Lethal…

Date: May 05, 2020

01) Reich at Home: Why Trump’s Plan to Open the Economy will be Lethal

“Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is discussing how Trump is selling out Americans’ health to boost his election chances and give his GOP donors short-term stock gains. 2,909 Americans died from the virus on Thursday, the highest single day total since the pandemic began.? Only 6.5 million of 200 million adult Americans have been tested.?

Any rush to reopen without adequate testing and tracing – far more than now under way – will cause a resurgence of the disease and another, longer economic crisis. Trump couldn’t care less.”

Pedophilia: It’s Not Rocket Surgery…


Date: May 05, 2020

01) Pedophilia: It’s Not Rocket Surgery

“Valence Issue Ep 5: Pedophilia is not Rocket Surgery

Note: I have given my information to the FBI, so if they’d like to investigate me, they can via due process. Hateful (not simply disagreement) comments will be reported/removed.

In this episode I speak about the perversion and exploitation of humanity’s visceral sexual experiences. I shed light on the systematic widespread silencing of minor attracted people online. I also ask you to think critically and honestly.”

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EPA-0284 – Pedophiles and (or) child molesters…


Date: May 05, 2020

01) EPA-0284 – Pedophiles and (or) child molesters

“It is often discussed whether sexual offenders of children are pedophiles or child molesters. It depends on exact definition and operationalization of the categories and on the difference between socio-legal and psychopathological classification. Practical question from forensic point of view is whether there are any differences between the group of ‘pedophiles’, who have sexually offended child and the group of child molesters, who do not meet criteria for pedophilia.

Experimental sample consists of 146 forensic cases (all men), they committed child molestation in years 2005–2012. According to the criteria (DSM-IV-TR) for pedophilia, penile plethysmography (PPG), actual clinical and case history data were used for the diagnosis determination. Obtained clinical and sociodemographic data were statistically evaluated.

Only a small part (16.2 %) of sexual offenders against children meet the criteria (DSM-IV-TR) for pedophilia. There is significant difference in occurrence of other psychopathological features between groups of ‘pedophiles’ and non-pedophilic ‘child molesters’, i.a. alcohol abuse/dependence, sexual dysfunction, personality disorder, increased aggressiveness, mental deficit, etc.

Research helps increase understanding of correlations and differences between terms that describe sexual offenders of children. It confirms the opinion that not all of child sexual offenders are pedophiles. Regarding pedophilia remains the problem of its definition in conditions of practical acceptance of courts.”


Are You The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma?…


Date: May 05, 2020

01) Are You The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma?

Whimsy028_Are You The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma

“The role of the gamma, while third in the hierarchy, is not one to be taken lightly. As the gamma, the alpha could have put you in this position, or you may have held the position as an alpha in the past, making you the prime choice as a Gamma. Whenever someone needs advice or wisdom, you’re the first person they seek out.”

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