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Please Don’t Do This, Leonard Sisyphus Mann…

Date: May 06, 2020

01) I no longer subscribe to the philosophy which informs this blog.

“I no longer subscribe to the philosophy which informs this blog.

Consequently I have taken down its content, with the exception of two posts.

I have done this with much regret: there are things that I am proud of on this blog and many perceptions that still seem valid, despite the profound change in my thinking. And the period when I worked on this blog was an interesting and exciting one, a time when I felt part of a real community, and during which I fully stretched my intellectual and creative capacities.

But there is profound wisdom in the taboos and stigmas that surround paedophilia: the changes and freedoms I once advocated for on this blog are incompatible with a society worth living in, or fit for the children we purport to love.

As such I can no longer stand by all of this blog’s content and consequently am compelled to remove it.

I have preserved the following two posts. Together they explore some of the thinking that has led to my decision.

The Trouble With Radical Paedophilia – Part 1 – Propaganda & Utopias

The Trouble With Radical Paedophilia – Part 2 – The Third Scenario

You are not part of the “radical paedophilia movement”, anymore than I am…

…We are part of the practical pedophile movement.

…And you have had a fine blog…a remarkable blog…There has been nothing wrong with your writings there…

In fact, I’d say your blog has been more on track, level headed and human, than the majority…which is what I most appreciate in the created expressions of MAPs.

I loved that you wrote with in depth knowledge about photography, for example…

…I loved that you were willing to allow the world to see, that you are a well rounded individual, with great awareness of the world around himself…and appreciation for the concerns and horrors experienced by our adversaries.

We need voices like yours.

Please don’t strike your work from the internet, like this.

Responding to The Monthly Truth Seeker…


Date: May 06, 2020

01) MAPS should go suck a dick

“Last week something caught fire in my region, and then it died out in about three days.

There was a “MAP movement” prowling on social media, trying to hang on the alphabet soup movement and all. They even had their own striped flag, with pastel colors.

Predictably, it failed…”

The MAP movement has been in public existence in excess of a decade, now.

A brief skirmish is of no consequence, as this is a very, very long term campaign…with very, very long term goals.

The “powers that be” cannot censor and deny MAPs forever, in every possible way…and this current, abusive social dynamic will be broken over time.

It will fall…we just need to be persistent and consistent, as a united community.

1) …The “alphabet soup” groups don’t really even matter here, as the MAP movement is a voluntary alliance of disenfranchised and grossly abused sexual minorities…The aim is to stop the disenfranchisement and gross abuses of sexual minorities and to re-enfranchise those minorities, period.

Well…I should clarify that the sexual minorities allied under “MAP”, are oriented towards their own species [other humans]…So, while many MAPs are sympathetic and supportive towards Zoophiles, Zoophiles are not actually part of the MAP community…with exception to individuals who are both MAP and Zoo…The same applies to fetish communities.

If the “alphabet soup” groups wont support socially ostracized groups fighting for their base human rights, then those “alphabet soup” groups are part of the problem…and we cannot reasonably ally with them in the first place…regardless of how similar or distant any of us are from them.

There are still hidden gems within these groups, however.

Many of us MAPs have figured out, that we need to focus on bringing down those methods of thinking and power structures, which strip sexual minorities of their ability to function and live in this world peacefully…and replace them with something constructive, which builds people up and brings people together…

…not constantly chase after the possibility, of getting onto “the winning team”.

If your philosophy in any way still includes throwing other groups of people under the bus, sacrificing them to a dishonest and ruthless political system, which can continue to condemn people based on lies…then you don’t comprehend what MAPs like us are all about.

We want this whole, wretched political game thrown out…and we want to build something that is honest and fair to everyone.

02) We are using community building tactics, at present…

…These tactics do not belong to any group of people…not even to “those who hate [us]”.

They exist for us to freely use, just as they do for any other group of people.

03) Our “euphemistic name”, Minor Attracted Person, primarily came out of the legal and clinical realms…It is actually a very sterile, non-sensational, carefully chosen title. It is meant to not offend, both MAPs and non-MAPs…and it was intended to avoid any biased implications…It strictly states what we are, as a united group and a demographic…no more…no less.

04) We understand the differences between pedophiles and hebephiles, and ephebophiles, thank you…We also understand the differences between the subgroup of pedophiles known as nepiophiles, and classic pedophiles.

You don’t need to explain these things to us…Indeed, we could probably educate you on the finer points of these issues…

…We do get and comprehend the diversity…We live it.

05) Dividing out the pedophiles?…

Please go back and read my very first comments in this post…

We are a willing alliance of disenfranchised, abused sexual minorities, who are done with playing the games of the current system…We demand a new system…We intend to ultimately build a new social system, which makes it impossible to abuse and ostracize sexual minorities, such as is happening today.

Pedophiles are not going to be abandoned in this effort…and I don’t just say that as an actual pedophile, myself…I say this as a humanitarian.

06) Conflicted goals?…

Again…reread my previous response…

The MAP movement transcends common “join the winning team” social paradigms.

It’s time to break those paradigms, completely…and replace them with a demand for truth and fairness.

We are not going to get there, if those who believe in this principle are constantly dividing themselves…or worse, fighting each other.

07) You imply that pedophilia is “unnatural”?…

…It’s existed within nature, as far back as recordings go…and you imagine it to be an “unnatural” part of the human condition?

Hebephiles and ephebophiles do not hold any naturally privileged status above pedophiles…they’re just a little bit closer to the arbitrary social line, which separates the sexually free from the sexually oppressed.

There is nothing unnatural about pedophilia…even if it is more socially complicated, and demands a very open minded culture in order to be socially accepted and sexually practiced.

08) Being “pure cringe”?…LOL!…

What I’m about to say is not what you had going through your mind when you wrote this, but I have to say something to that sentiment…

When we are talking about MAPs, we are talking about people who have been so ostracized and devastated as a group [and often as individuals], that they have no clear road map on where to go and what to do, to make social change happen.

In addition, there is rarely anyone who will reach out to them with alliance and support…

We MAPs, among ourselves, are largely alone in this fight…Which is not only another reason why we cannot be making wedges among ourselves…it is also what leads to us trying “anything and everything”…and potentially even “remaking the wheel”…and doing a lot of things which may not be initially successful towards our end goals.

The status we MAPs have been socially held prisoner in [all of our lives, for many of us], is an obscenely unnatural condition for any human being to have to live and function in…and when you are isolated like that, you are left to your own devices to figure out how to force things to change.

…This is never a simple, easy or clear path to forge.

I suppose you can criticize…but at least we MAPs are doing something, consistently and persistently…and it is yielding some positive results.

What you see in any given moment, is not the entirety of our history and future.

09) Tactics of those who hate us?…

Read the previous response addressing this.

10) Alliance with the LGBT lobby, and feminist Marxists?…

Groups are not monoliths…There are decent people within the LGBT, who understand that things need to change, as relates to the social status of MAPs and taboo human sexuality.

To those people, I am happy to call them friend…Plus, I am happy to allow my base principles of fighting for truth, transparency, compassion and fairness in all law and life, to exist in service of their own quality of life.

However…be careful not to fall for the 4chan scam, started in 2016.

While some people among both MAPs and the LGBT have openly stood in support of each other…there has been no larger, overarching alliance between our groups…nor has there been any broad push among MAPs to establish such an alliance…or merging.

There are also decent feminists, as well as decent Marxists.

The problem for all of us, is the extremist supremacists, among any group.

11) MAP “stupidity”?…

…This is, in fact, your narrative here…or, the narrative you’ve chosen to put forward as “true”…

People who have targeted and worked against MAPs, have established themselves as our enemies, and a hostile menace against the MAP community.

We are not allying or working with those people…How is that even possible?…

12) …Ahem…

“Those imbeciles just made it harder for us to end the feminist programming, all thanks to their attempt at joining forces with the enemy, and continue the conflation of pedophilia with things that are NOT pedophilia.”

Do I even need to say anymore?…

Pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles can stand in solidarity, all that they like…This is not your call.

In addition…MAPs can stand in solidarity with other good people of this world…and again…This is not your call.

Last thought…

I’ve noticed some of these “screeching against feminists” blogs being deleted from WordPress…and “male sexualist” blogs also…

Now…I’m no authority on this issue…but I am an open homosexual pedophile, who likes boys in the roughly 7 to 12 year range…and I’ve been writing/speaking about it for years and years…and this very blog [which is my home base, online] is closing in on what I believe is it’s eighth birthday…I recently hit 7000 posts…I’ve attracted tons of hostile attention, along the way…It’s a wonder I am still here, with this blog…but, I am…So, I must be doing something right.

One thing I’ve noticed about you sorts of anti-feminist/male sexualist bloggers…is that you come off almost entirely spiteful…and commonly abusive…Often, visiting your blogs is more of a drudge, being assaulted with negativity and anger, than anything that even resembles positive movement towards building something constructive.

It’s like all you have to offer…is bitching, bitching…insults [often vulgar and crass]…and bitching some more.

There are reasons why I’ve refused to place a link to most of your blogs, on my Community Links page…

…Frankly, you guys are functioning psychologically, in a very different place from where I, and the communities I am trying to build/foster, function.

Scrolling through your blog…I’m almost surprised it’s not been suspended.

One of my cheap and easy tricks…and yes, I know if you let them get into your head, people will infuriate you…but one of my cheap and easy tricks, is to aim for “talking with a satin and honey tongue”…Take the a-hole-ry, and let it go…Just let it all pass by you, and forget about it…Speak to issues…Don’t make personal insults and libelous accusations.

It’s worked for me for most of a decade, now.

Some of you anti-feminist/male sexualist sorts might want to try it, before you’re forced into extinction on this platform.

02) Time to speak to the real pedophiles

“Listen, you filthy pedophiles…”

Well, that really sets the stage, now doesn’t it?

I cannot take another round of this “point by point” responding, especially with a longer parade of insults and ignorance…So, I’ll just pick out a few things I see as demanding a response, which I have not already responded to earlier.

01) We pedophiles know [or at least comprehend] the differences in the tanner stages of humans…This is implied in the very definition of the term “pedophile”. We know when people are in our range of attraction…and we know the physical differences, of people who are not in our range of attraction…It’s inherent in our orientation.

True…some pedophiles are more fluid in their orientation, meaning they’re hebephiles, ephebophiles, or any of the other age philias, in addition…But we know when children start to transition, thank you.

02) I agree that 17 to 13 year olds are no longer developmentally “children”…They are youth, or young adults.

03) A high age of consent is, in practice, devastating for pedophiles [who want true freedom]…but I think I know where you are trying to go, with your “Because pedophiles do benefit of a high age of consent”, claim.

You think we are trying to pile on the backs of people like “you”, and expecting “you” to “carry us across the finish line”?

I’ve encountered enough of the elitism, and the punching down from you sorts, to know that people like you need to go your own way…and people like myself are better off without you, even if it does lose us membership volume…Because the internal unrest caused by those who refuse to get along, can only serve to drive everything crashing into the ground.


“Well. Not all pedophiles. But the pedophiles we should look at with disgust do.”

So…you think somebody born with a natural status and predisposition, deserves your disgust?

05) So…It’s “wrong” that anyone shares your goal, when the appetite it is serving is not shared by you?

06) It seems clear to me…what you want, is the preservation of a discriminatory social system that has been altered to cater to your own sexual inclinations…A system which does not fundamentally change, to where it can no longer just snatch those newly won “freedoms” right back away from you…on any old prohibitionist whim.


“Those pedophiles seek to keep postpubescent humans as children before the law for the purpose of creating an environment where they can perform the shadiest acts and still gain support from men who are desperate to relieve their natural preferences.”

I don’t know who you’re talking to…or who you’re consulting with…

…but in the circles I, an actual pedophile, roam in…that is some hard core detachment from reality, you have going on there.

We are not trying to keep the 13 and above population linked with any legal status of “childhood” or “minor”.

On the contrary…a lot of us have a long, established history, of publicly making these distinctions…So, based on my decades of life experience, I’m forced to believe that you simply made this up.


“Those pedophiles are the kind of people Epstein spent time with. They want people to think liking 17 year olds (Legal in New York), 14 year olds (Legal in several countries), and 9 year olds is the same. They want to make sure you get called a pedophile for looking at a teenager and finding her attractive.

That way you will go to them and ally with them under the same banner.”

Personally…I am rather annoyed at how often people mistake ephebophilia and hebephilia for pedophilia…because it corrupts and distorts not only the social dialogue, but it muddies both research and the public’s understanding of pedophilia.

Do you in any way presume that someone like me benefits from the public perception that “I slide my penis into eight year old boys”, on account of the fact that male, ephebophile BoyLovers just might do that with a gay teenage male?

…You think it’s all “rainbows, lollipops and roses”, for pedophiles in this arrangement?…

No…Those of us who have a grasp on what is happening will tell you…we need to establish an environment of open honesty, and open integrity, where bigots don’t get away with lying about us, and ravaging us with their ignorant “mob justice”…That is the world we all need.

We get there…we wont need all of this egotistical, self centered, mad rush to be on top and keeping everybody else down.


“I won’t form alliances with anyone but my own, even though I won’t attack anyone directly unless they trample on my goals.”

Alliance is a two way street…

…and you’ve twice, recently, taken unprovoked swipes at MAPs…people who have done unequivocally nothing to you…

I somehow doubt anyone is beating down your door, clamoring to gain your presence in their movement.


“I have seen how the entire male sexualist movement falls apart as its figureheads go into hiding or take stances which actually benefit the real enemy of men.”

Yeah…after making good faith efforts to engage with “male sexualists”, at the invitation to a sort of internet “summit”, if you will…I’ve likewise witnessed an underwhelming, frankly perplexing parade of blog/content deletions…plus someone coming back around to threaten me, over posts of my own writing, on my own blog…which a certain “leader” thought he could twist my arm into deleting.

“Male Sexualists” seriously need to get their shit together, and stop being such whiny little bitches…

…and leave us MAPs the hell alone, if you don’t intend on following through and treating us like equal human beings.

Personally, I get more the feeling that you “male sexualists” are jealous, because we MAPs actually get off of our asses, put our necks on the real line, and do things with tangible outcomes…we have gained greater organization and momentum, because it’s something we have been persisting towards, for a very, very long time.

I offer the advice…you get what you put into it…and if all one wants to do is throw tantrums in blog posts…well…


“You, fucking pedophiles, closet pedophiles, supporters of ages of consent higher than 14…”

I’m not going to lie about this…where you have been trying to go with this post, remains somewhat hazy to me…and I only really even came back to take a closer look at it, because of your recent swipe at MAPs in general…You seem to be starting a theme…

Anyway…Rejoice!…Not all of us pedophiles support an age of consent law above 14…

…And with that, I realize there is a distinct possibility that you aren’t even talking to/about pedophiles like myself, with that particular statement [or accusation, to be more precise]…In fact, I don’t think that I fit into your target much at all.


“If you’re going to stay pedophiles, start by speaking the difference between young adults with secondary sexual characteristics, and what you like, prepubescents. And if you’re going to stay as you are, stop supporting high ages of consent and stop supporting the resulting black market.”

I think these things have already been addressed a couple of times, previously.

I’ve always condemned the black market and sex slavery, by the way.

The fact that you would use the wording “If you’re going to stay pedophiles”, is straight up outrageous…

Sexual orientation is not a choice…and you have just destroyed all notions, that you even know what you are talking about.


“Will I support any change that allows prepubescents to be involved in sexual activities? No. Probably I won’t. But I would rather see you speak honestly than have you hindering my goals.”

Gee…how self centered of you.

I would suggest that this attitude actually only serves to goad people who are already “up shit creek, without a paddle”, to turn around and give a big, middle finger right back at you…and take the “misery loves company” avenue…Or, in other words, just look upon it as poetic justice, that a person who would so willingly throw us to the wolves without a care, gets taken down or hindered by the exact same system they would have unleashed on us.


While I hope nothing I’ve said here has come off especially mean, or personally offensive, truth is…I look upon the “male sexualist” movement as being some offshoot of the incel movement.

At it’s own request, I gave it a sincere approach and dialogue…but my ultimate experience has been negative…It was clear some didn’t want us there…the “leader” didn’t really bring anything to the table, except empty talk…they never established themselves as even “being” anything tangible to ally with…quite the contrary…and eventually, the homophobic comments started to surface…then the more recent incident, already mentioned…

Those of you “male sexualists” who think we MAPs are dying to latch ourselves onto other movements, or that we need you “male sexualists”…

…You have it completely backwards…and we are doing just fine [almost certainly better], without you.

…And now…I am going to go kick and slap myself, for having written all of this, and giving attention to a blog, that almost certainly deserves to die from attention starvation.

I always get hooked, by the pompous arrogance of these sorts.