Please Don’t Do This, Leonard Sisyphus Mann…

Date: May 06, 2020

01) I no longer subscribe to the philosophy which informs this blog.

“I no longer subscribe to the philosophy which informs this blog.

Consequently I have taken down its content, with the exception of two posts.

I have done this with much regret: there are things that I am proud of on this blog and many perceptions that still seem valid, despite the profound change in my thinking. And the period when I worked on this blog was an interesting and exciting one, a time when I felt part of a real community, and during which I fully stretched my intellectual and creative capacities.

But there is profound wisdom in the taboos and stigmas that surround paedophilia: the changes and freedoms I once advocated for on this blog are incompatible with a society worth living in, or fit for the children we purport to love.

As such I can no longer stand by all of this blog’s content and consequently am compelled to remove it.

I have preserved the following two posts. Together they explore some of the thinking that has led to my decision.

The Trouble With Radical Paedophilia – Part 1 – Propaganda & Utopias

The Trouble With Radical Paedophilia – Part 2 – The Third Scenario

You are not part of the “radical paedophilia movement”, anymore than I am…

…We are part of the practical pedophile movement.

…And you have had a fine blog…a remarkable blog…There has been nothing wrong with your writings there…

In fact, I’d say your blog has been more on track, level headed and human, than the majority…which is what I most appreciate in the created expressions of MAPs.

I loved that you wrote with in depth knowledge about photography, for example…

…I loved that you were willing to allow the world to see, that you are a well rounded individual, with great awareness of the world around himself…and appreciation for the concerns and horrors experienced by our adversaries.

We need voices like yours.

Please don’t strike your work from the internet, like this.

3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Do This, Leonard Sisyphus Mann…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I wanted to leave this on your blog…but your comments are all closed.

    You probably wont see this, but…I should say it anyway…

    I was meaning to ask formally, but since you may be gone [as opposed to lurking]…I had vague notions of maybe taking some of your posts related to Alice Day, and using them as content for my Alice Day page…It’s high time I actually made something of this.

    So…at this point, since it’s no longer available on your blog [and it seems to be mostly historical content]…I’m intending on commandeering [aka, Stealing] three or more of your Alice Day Posts…and maybe anything else I find relevant to Alice Day, and using it for my Alice Day Page.

    You have two options…you can either thank me…or forgive me…and both, if you must. 🙂

    I’m sorry, and you’re welcome…all at once.


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