What type of a demon are you?…


Date: May 07, 2020

01) What type of a demon are you?

Whimsy027_What Type of a Demon Are You

“Poltergeist (from the German Poltern meaning to rumble or make noise, denotes a spirit, ghost, or in most cases, demon or demons that manifests by moving and influencing objects. Historically, several hypotheses have been explored to explain poltergeist phenomenon. The one most people believe to be true though is demon activity. Some of this activity includes: the throwing of bricks, stones, furniture, and even people.

There was one man in New Hampshire that was lifted by invisible hands and thrown twenty feet across a room and through a wall. He did not survive. The anger, rage, and strength it takes to lift hundreds of pounds and toss it about like a rag-doll is beyond supernatural—what else but a demon or legion of demons could or would do such a thing. If I cannot see it, I am not messing with it…”

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