Little Richard…

Date: May 10, 2020

01) A Brief History of Little Richard Grappling With His Sexuality & Religion

“In a 2017 interview on the Christian-oriented Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Richard reiterated a belief that homosexuality is “unnatural” while simultaneously reaffirming his strong Christian faith that has followed him for most of his life. “Anybody that comes in show business, they gon’ say you gay or straight,” he said. “God made men, men and women, women… You’ve got to live the way God wants you to live…”

Little Richard died the other day…maybe yesterday…

I had no idea he was such a bigot…In fact, I always kind of figured, yeah…he clearly had some christian/gospel leanings, but he was probably open minded…I mean…he always struck me as homosexual…

Obviously, he’s another individual the church psychologically screwed up.

He’s quite the character to be coming out, once his flamboyant, lavish life is lived and nearly over…to declare “what a real man would do”.

To be honest…he always came off creepy to me.

I was sad to learn of his passing, though…and now even more sad, to learn of this late life legacy.

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