Sam Seder’s HILARIOUS Response to Dave Rubin Tweet…

Date: May 10, 2020

01) Sam Seder’s HILARIOUS Response to Dave Rubin Tweet

“Dave Rubin is claiming that anything less than a five-star book review is censorship.”

That is not a “book burning”…

A modern day “book burning”, would be something like banding together and forcing a book seller to stop carrying a particular, targeted book…because they are trying to block it’s message from being seen by a wider audience.

Bad reviews do not constitute “book burning”.

For sure…bad reviews can be malicious…especially when they come via an organized campaign…but they’ve still not made any book inaccessible.

Anyone who intends to purchase a book with mostly negative reviews, can still purchase the book [so long as they have the funds].

What happened to David Riegel back in the 2000’s, with the charge and fatal strike being led by Anderson Pooper, resulting in Dave’s books being removed and banned from Amazon [one with something like a decade of established availability]…that was a modern day book burning.

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