Why Mike’s Debate with Styxhexenhammer666 Never Happened – Drunken Peasants Clip…

Date: May 16, 2020

01) Why Mike’s Debate with Styxhexenhammer666 Never Happened – Drunken Peasants Clip

For a year or so, I used to share the videos of Styxhexenhammer666 on this blog…The posts are still available, as I always used to write responses to the interesting things he was discussing.

He used to be generally left leaning, but changed [grifted?] somewhere along the line.

You could say it was quasi experimental on my part…but I wanted to incorporate dialogue with smaller channels, into this blog…not just the slick, professional channels that were obviously trying to make money off of their channel, first and foremost…And this was the era in which I was frequently posting and responding to, videos from Styxhexenhammer666 and Sargon of Akkad…an era which is now well in the past.

I don’t believe it was a bad era…and it led to a lot of inspired writing from me…So, I appreciated it, sincerely.

It was pretty much over, when Styxhexenhammer666 decided to leave a very ignorant, nasty response to one such post of mine…You can find it linked in the Fear, Threat and Attack Files, by just doing a page search for his name.

Despite this little spat of nastiness…I’m genuinely sad to learn of his path of self destruction…though, anymore, I’m honestly not shocked.


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