The Real Story Behind “The Two Corey’s”…


Date: May 19, 2020

01) The Real Story Behind “The Two Corey’s”

“Take an in-depth look at the 2007-08 reality series “The Two Coreys”. We express opinions based on the content of the show, interviews with people in and surrounding the show, personal accounts of Corey Haim and other information acquired from other media outlets.”

This is just sad.


3 thoughts on “The Real Story Behind “The Two Corey’s”…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Before he established his chronic pattern of behavior, I did not have any preconceived notions about what happened, or what he was about as an individual.

      If you’d have told me the circumstances he describes are real, and he was genuinely scared of the consequences of exposing it all…I’d have been [and, in fact, was] open to considering what he had to say…

      …But it eventually became clear, that he never had anything to say, that he didn’t want to be paid money up front, just to say it.

      …That’s the common theme which is always there…”Pay me money”…peddled with a horror story, of “Hollywood children being raped all the time”…

      At this point…if there were any credibility in what he says…I don’t understand how he could go this long, allegedly having indisputable knowledge of ongoing “children in peril” as essential sex slaves…and not be prosecuted, himself, for not only failing to come straight forward and present his evidence…but for hiding and selling it…

      He, in fact, did claim direct knowledge of a Hollywood teen being “sexually abused”, but refused to say who it was…Which, I believe is a crime in itself…”concealment” or “aiding/protecting” the ongoing “sexual assault” of a minor…or some such thing…[I’m not suggesting he should have been prosecuted, I’m just acknowledging how convoluted the laws can get].

      For that matter…why haven’t these allegedly ruthless Hollywood mogul, “child rapists” had him murdered, during this very large span of time…while he was completely out there in the open, putting this in peoples faces?

      Despite the alleged “syringe attack”, where he claims to have been stabbed with a syringe, but the Emergency Room doctors couldn’t find much physically wrong with him…he seems pretty safe.

      I’m not sure about the other teen [and don’t recall who it ended up being]…but where it comes to Feldman’s stories about Haim…if you dig a bit deeper, it actually paints a picture of a young, horny boy [gay or bisexual], who was having fun with the sexual opportunities that presented themselves to him.

      I don’t buy into these horror stories, where it comes to Haim…

      …I think Feldman is re-framing Haim’s sexual experiences, sensationalizing and exploiting them.

      Regardless of what anyone imagines about Haim’s early sex life being “proper”…I am led to believe he was an enthusiastic, appreciative participant in it all…for his own satisfaction…

      …and maybe…just maybe…this was an additional ground on which Feldman’s jealousy raged?


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