Condemning “Pedophilia”: Isn’t The Evidence Overwhelming, and What Happens When It is Not?…


May 20, 2020

If you’d have told me twenty years ago that research on “pedophilia” was intentionally skewed heavily to the negative…that a lot of concealment was happening…and that some forms of pedophilic sexual expression could be morally defended…I’d have thought you were insane…

I fully believed and accepted that “the facts were in, and established”…that averages in the broad scheme of things soundly condemned pedophilic sexual activity…and that only rare instances left people unscathed for life.

It wasn’t until I was forced to watch uproars unfolding regarding “The Rind Report”, that I had to confront and discover just how deep and corrupt the distortion gets…and it was a complete head trip for me, as a pedophile…discovering that they actually practiced, and felt a need to practice, concealment and censorship within the research, itself…

…Was sex between children and adults [or teens] not bad enough, on it’s own?…Did they need to actively darken the picture in people’s minds, to make it sufficiently intolerable?…and why?

As a pedophile…you spend all your life believing these things about yourself…eventually discovering, that you’ve spent your life being lied to…and not in small, inconsequential ways…but in ways which debase your entire perception of the world around you…of the people around you…

…And it’s all right there, unfolding in front of you…You cannot deny it…It is happening…

…How can I ever have any faith, in any system or individual who does this?

This behavior is completely without redemption.

This level and degree of social and political manipulation, should never be acceptable to anyone.

Censoring Sex Research: The Debate over Male Intergenerational Relations

I know that spending money is a lot to ask…especially $40 or more…

…but, please…if you are going to tread off into the “pedophile research” conflict…at least know and understand the environment and base issues we are dealing with, before you go picking up any stance and defending it.

That the establishment has been using the exact same practices they used against gays and lesbians, in order to unjustly smear, tarnish and imprison them, to continue doing the same to MAPs…is an absolute fact.

We are not being treated this way because we are bad, or wrong…

…We are being treated this way, because they do not consider us to be human beings…and given history, they “know” they can get away with this…

…It’s time to make a radical social change…and make them understand clearly…

…They can no longer get away with this.


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