The WordPress Block Editor…


Date: May 21, 2020

They tried to push this thing on us a few years back…and now, allegedly, they are going to force it on us…by June 1st, I think the notice said?…

As far as making posts go…I don’t care, so long as they leave at least one of the following alone…the really old “classic” editor [which still works just fine]…or the primary WordPress editor…Leave them accessible and usable as they are…and I will not have a neurotic meltdown…

I have my private links set up, so I can get to either one of these good and competent editors…

As to the “block editor”…This nightmare of a monstrosity is not made for people who just want to write…or who just want to paste their completed work into the straight forward, clean and obvious text boxes, pick their categories, pick a publishing time and hit the “publish” button…

No…this piece of garbage is made for smart phone users…and tablet users, who want to endlessly fiddle around with a myriad of unclear options, and waste a whole lot of time composing a post…by dropping in “this”, “that” and “whatever”…

Worse still…this stupid “editor” doesn’t even appear to be capable of producing posts for me, anymore…as it’s constantly screwing up my HTML…I’ve spent the last hour or more, trying to find a “block” setting that behaves like the large form in the main posting form…but, to no avail…It seems there is no way to make the “block” editor behave like the trusty, simple WordPress editor which I both need, and am entirely happy with.

I compose all of my posts outside of the WordPress editor [both the good editors, and the shitty block editor]…I’ve been doing this for so many years, that I have it down to a very tight process, which rarely makes me go back and redo anything…

Normally, I just copy from original copies on my hard drive…and I paste the content directly into the main post form, and then into the title box…pick my “settings”, and press post…I can post ten or more posts, fairly quickly…because most of my posts follow a certain form…and use much the same HTML…

…And I have not only years invested in this personal system…I have insane amounts of personal work invested in it…and the prospect of having to re-figure and rework a massive ton of stuff…just to figure out how in the hell to get it to work with this piece of shit “block” editor…which I never asked for, and sure as fuck do not want any part of…

The method I have been using the last several years has been working beautifully, thank you…I don’t need you being an ass, WordPress…I don’t need you throwing this obstacle riddled piece of garbage in front of me and demanding that I figure out how to work around such a senseless pain in the ass.

This “block editor” does absolutely nothing good for me, and only represents an outrage inducing degradation to this service.

What pisses me off even more…is that this came out of nowhere…So many of us have already rejected this stupid thing…I am a fucking, paying customer on this platform…and now, when I need to edit one of my pages [web pages and websites]…I cant just click on the “edit” link at the bottom of their page anymore…because I get taken to the stupid ass “block editor”…and I’m not going to let that screw up my webpages/sites…So, now I have to hunt every single page down in page editor…so that I can click on the “classic editor” link and be taken to the editor that actually works and wont screw up my hard work…

Thanks for turning so many things into a burdensome chore…you inconsiderate shitheads.

I’ve put so fucking much work into making this blog function like a well oiled machine…

…Wordpress was pretty well perfect, the way it has functioned these last several years…This is already, exactly what I want.

Remember…the internet still functions on the back of computers…not these piddly tablets and toys, you’re so obsessed with catering too…

You cant just ignore the vast number of us who use computers, and try to force us into using software trash, that was designed for tablets and smart phones.

This is so fucking senseless and stupid of you, WordPress.

Why are you working so hard, to piss off good members of your user base?


8 thoughts on “The WordPress Block Editor…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Seems I can only open the really old editor, now…

    …I’m frustrated…and I just don’t get it…

    …Why are there these obsessed people behind the scenes, who are hell bent on pushing these stupidly burdensome editors onto us…when these new “editors” are clearly an insane pain in the ass…and they want to take away what has been making WordPress work so beautifully?

    This behavior is moronic beyond all comprehension.

      1. eqfoundation Post author


        It’s sad when the old technology becomes “the upgrade”.

        For the record, the actual classic editor is still available [I am using it]…and it has been all along, right beside what has just previously been the default editor…

        Presumably, they wont shut that one down…but it does appear the previous default browser may be going away…I used to use that one for current posting, because it had eventually become somewhat more convenient to quick post with…and I used the really old editor for making really old back posts [ie: re-posting my old writings and content from years ago]…because it used to be convenient for that, by comparison…They only more recently fixed those gripes, which is why it sucks that they’re disabling it, in preference for the block editor.

        I’ll check out that link, thanks!

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        I’m pretty sure this is for people who have their own server, that hosts WordPress blog software…

        I’m using the online, WordPress service…I don’t have access to anything I can install a plug in like this.

  2. Yurinho

    It works fine for me, you just gotta type things and forget that blocks edit. You can also have the classic editor as a block. It’s confusing and I found it frustrating at first, but, knowing that this day would come, I gave a lot of effort into getting acquainted with it. I don’t think it will impact you too negatively.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      How do you get to the classic editor as a block?…

      I’ve only found the paragraph and the HTML settings to even be viable for putting text content into…and they both screw up my HTML coding…

      In addition…this is having to jump through several hoops, just to get back to the basics…I can post 10 or more posts in one setting…which makes all this extra clicking around an insane pain in the arse.

      It adds absolutely nothing constructive for me…It’s just an insufferable nuisance, from what I see.

      The really old editor is still available…and I’ll use that without a lot of complaints…but, to be honest…they did incorporate a few things which made making recent posts more convenient…for example, I may post a batch of posts which spans over three days, and I could just click a date on the calendar, to back date a post.

      I liked that and one other thing, so it sucks that they’re deactivating that version of the editor…It was my default, for current posting…

      The block editor, from what I can tell, does not behave correctly with my HTML…and I almost never write within the editor, itself [I do this for various reasons]…I explicitly do not want the editor, itself, to be what dictates the formatting of my posts and pages.

      I just want it to “stay out of the way” as much as possible…and the block editor is not staying out of the way.

      It about gave me fits, trying to post the last MA-TV post…It just is not handling my content right.

      If I can get this thing set up to where I just click on a link, and all the correct “blocks” come up, which make this editor behave just like the previous default editor…I will be pacified…

      …Nothing about this is going to make me happy about the change, because it’s just an insane, mindless pain to dance around for no obvious reason [did some programmer need the ego trip, of forcing everyone to use their horrible project?]

      …But if it can be remedied, I will give it one more try.

      1. Yurinho

        In the block editor, create a paragraph and you will see a + sign beside it. Click the + and the list of blocks will appear. Using the search bar, look for “classic”, then click it.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        It “is” there…but it’s not legitimately the classic editor…It’s still completely messing up my HTML.

        Thanks for the directions, Yure…but I still cannot use this. :-[

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