Everyone Canceling Everyone Else: ‘If you lose freedom of speech, that’s the end’…

Date: June 29, 2020

01) [Pay Wall] ‘If you lose freedom of speech, that’s the end’

“Despite having been branded a transphobic, homophobic racist and stripped of her honorary role as vice president of the Booker Prize, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne insists that she would now be “delighted” to meet her accuser.

The Conservative life peer claims it would be “fun” to meet the transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf, who last week reported her to the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards for bullying, after an almighty row erupted between the pair on Twitter that went “viral” – and cost the Baroness her role at the literary prize that she, along with her late husband, helped inaugurate.

Issuing an “unreserved apology” to Ms Bergdorf for expressing herself “casually” on the social media site, Lady Nicholson, 78, today admits that she was “clumsy” in misgendering the catwalk star – a L’Oréal model and NSPCC ambassador who was herself forced to resign as Labour’s LBGT adviser in 2018 over homophobic and misogynistic comments…”

I agree with the sentiment expressed in this articles title…beyond that, I cannot give much comment…

…other than how absurd it is, that so many people are being forced to resign or removed from some official status, because of some dumb social gaff they got themselves into.

For sure…it’s poetic justice for some cases…but is this lunacy actually doing any social good?

It’s time to cancel cancel culture.


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