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Everyone Canceling Everyone Else: ‘If you lose freedom of speech, that’s the end’…

Date: June 29, 2020

01) [Pay Wall] ‘If you lose freedom of speech, that’s the end’

“Despite having been branded a transphobic, homophobic racist and stripped of her honorary role as vice president of the Booker Prize, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne insists that she would now be “delighted” to meet her accuser.

The Conservative life peer claims it would be “fun” to meet the transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf, who last week reported her to the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards for bullying, after an almighty row erupted between the pair on Twitter that went “viral” – and cost the Baroness her role at the literary prize that she, along with her late husband, helped inaugurate.

Issuing an “unreserved apology” to Ms Bergdorf for expressing herself “casually” on the social media site, Lady Nicholson, 78, today admits that she was “clumsy” in misgendering the catwalk star – a L’Oréal model and NSPCC ambassador who was herself forced to resign as Labour’s LBGT adviser in 2018 over homophobic and misogynistic comments…”

I agree with the sentiment expressed in this articles title…beyond that, I cannot give much comment…

…other than how absurd it is, that so many people are being forced to resign or removed from some official status, because of some dumb social gaff they got themselves into.

For sure…it’s poetic justice for some cases…but is this lunacy actually doing any social good?

It’s time to cancel cancel culture.


[EU] Sexual Citizenship and Human Rights: What Can the US Learn from the EU and European Law? – Nov 23, 2014, Session 5: Pornography and Children…


Date: June 29, 2020

01) Nov 23, 2014, Session 5: Pornography and Children

“November 22-24, 2013 conference – Sexual Citizenship and Human Rights: What Can the US Learn from the EU and European Law?
Helmut Graupner – “The 17-Year-Old-Child – European Union Sex Offence Legislation Between Protection and Paternalism”
Alisdair A. Gillespie – “Child Pornography as Expression?”
William Thompson – “Pederasts, Parents, Police and Moral Panic; the Ongoing Saga of Child Pornography”
Kurt Starke – “The Construction of the Harmfulness of Pornography”

I’m hesitant to post this…I’ve not yet watched an entire hour, out of the three…and the guy speaking loses his integrity with me, the moment he declares child pornography “a serious crime that should be prosecuted”…

…but he wanders into the realm of youth pornography [which is still called “child pornography” here in the U.S.]…and he’s being pretty level headed in talking about that…and the contradictions in existing EU law.

He obviously makes a distinction between prepubescent people being in pornography, and post pubescent people being in pornography.

I think this is worth a watch…even if I find anything repugnant about it.

It’s not rabid, foaming at the mouth zealots…not what I’ve seen so far, anyway.


The Magic of Mushrooms – A Psilocybin Renaissance…


Date: June 29, 2020

01) The Magic of Mushrooms – A Psilocybin Renaissance

“Take an introductory look at the founding practices and propaganda surrounding the development and prohibition of psychedelic use in our society. When scientific study and ancient ritual point toward psychedelics as a tool for healing and awakening, why are these age-old plants regarded as harmful?

In this ground-breaking original series, experts explore the history and use of psychedelic plants including political ambitions, the perceived shadow side and the proper environment to experience these substances. From the origins of Shamanism to the spiritual expression of modern awakenings, discover the role of sacred medicine as a gateway to expanded consciousness, and its continued influence on humanity. Watch the full series here:

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here…

…I’m not going to start promoting the use of psychedelics…but I do think it is an entirely valid conversation to have…and knowledge is good.

It’s entirely possible these things have a valid use to us.


Florida Karens Lose It Over Masks…

Date: June 28, 2020

01) Florida Karens Lose It Over Masks

“Never tell a Florida Karen what to do.

Residents of Palm Beach County in Florida erupted in anger at a commissioner’s meeting after an unanimous vote to make masks mandatory.



Fmr. Seattle Police Chief: Police Culture “Toxic”…

Date: June 27, 2020

01) Fmr. Seattle Police Chief: Police Culture “Toxic”

“Law enforcement in the U.S. is under scrutiny like never before. Police in Washington used pepper spray yesterday to break up anti-racism protesters as they tried to topple a statue of President Andrew Jackson, a dyed-in-the-wool nationalist and slave owner. Norm Stamper was a cop for 34 years and spent six of them as Seattle’s police chief. Stamper resigned over his handling of the 1999 World Trade Organization protests — after he authorized the use of tear gas. Stamper has been a vocal advocate of police reform ever since. He tells Michel Martin how he became aware of what he calls the “dark side” of police culture and how to fix the problem.

Originally aired on June 23, 2020.”


Disney REOPENS Despite Coronavirus Surge in Florida…

Date: June 27, 2020

01) Disney REOPENS Despite Coronavirus Surge in Florida

“Disney wants to reopen its parks.

This virus is not gone, unfortunately, it’s only become worse in this state,” the petition, which was posted on on Sunday, states. “Having our theme parks remain closed until cases are steadily decreasing would keep our guests, our employees and their families safe. Re-opening the theme parks is only putting our guests, employees, and families at higher risk for contracting COVID-19.”

The petition comes as coronavirus cases are rising rapidly in the state. The Florida Department of Health reported 5,508 new cases overnight, according to data published by the agency. The 5.3% increase from one day to the next brings the total in the state to 109,014.