WordPress, Tom O’Carroll’s Blog Suspension and My Thoughts On the Future of Our Love Frontier…


Date: July 01, 2020

Firstly, WordPress is still accepting my money…as I just got done renewing my year subscription to two of it’s services…so that you don’t have to see any ads…and I can continue uploading my audio files to share with you.

Second…Tom O’Carroll’s blog Heretic TOC had a head start run on WordPress of about nine months, before I finally decided to lay down a foundation here and start blogging again. It was Tom and the refusal of WordPress to kick him off of this platform in the face of public outrage, which inspired and convinced me to move here. So, this abrupt, unexpected move is very concerning…and bordering on personal, for me.

Third…there was a ridiculous hit piece written by some hack named Katherine Denkinson…where she [very badly] tries to link Tom with being some central figure in the MAP [Minor Attracted Person] activity flourishing on Twitter [a platform Tom has been long banned from] and YouTube.

The “article” itself, is just a bunch of accusations, red herrings and loose facts cobbled together [some of it not even related], without any real substance behind what is being implied or claimed…The thing is an incoherent mess…but, they got to feature Tom’s name and face prominently and surround them with all these “shocking” accusations and inuendos…and I’m confident that was the lions share of what they were trying to accomplish…link a whole bunch of unrelated stuff, in the minds of a public which wont do fuck all to actually verify any of it [or critique the “article”], before flying off the handle in a mental spazz out.

Reality is…Tom has only more recently even come around to occasionally using the MAP acronym…It’s grossly disingenuous, to imply that Tom is deeply tied to it.

Fourth…Tom was apparently linked to three blogs [all now suspended]…I’m not sure what the other two blogs were…but I do know that Heretic TOC was beyond reproach…and there was no sane reason for it to have been taken down…

This was wrong…Shame On You, WordPress!

I call on WordPress to do the morally and ethically correct thing, and reinstate Tom’s blog.

Do not go down the gutless road of imposing censorship, WordPress.

Fifth…I am not leaving…

I am going to keep blogging right here, for as long as I am able to keep doing so.

Sixth…I have my own domain name registered…


It simply redirects wherever I specify it to go [at present, this blog]…but that should be one of your methods of finding me again…I should also be on Twitter, among other places…So, you should not lose me, in the event this blog went down for any reason…nefarious censorship, or some other reason like hardware failure, or a glitch in the system.

Seventh…forgive that I’m bouncing around unorganized…but I have on good authority that Tom is just fine, and that he plans to secure hosting and upload his writings back to the internet.

Eighth…I will not be rebuilding again…

…I’ve gone through the same grueling, nasty experience that Tom has just been put through…twice over, thanks to malicious censorship…and once due to a hardware failure on the part of the service I was using at the time…

I know the frustration of having months or years worth of work suddenly nullified, because some censorship crazed idiot decided to click a button and make everything disappear.

It’s taken a lot, for me to consistently rebuild every time…and a lot of you don’t likely realize, just how much content is here, and how much work has gone into building and organizing this blog…

…I am not up to doing it again….We are closing in on 8000 posts…and there are well over 100 pages, representing many essays and websites, in this account.

Ninth…this does not mean I am disappearing, should something happen…

…If something happens, I’ll bring some things forward with me, of course…but I will take this as a sign, that it is once again time to evolve.

I might stop blogging, and focus my time and energy on making and distributing media again…

Tenth…I’ve loved, loved, loved blogging…but I am extremely tired these days…

I don’t “want” to stop…but I am winding down…which may sound insane, given that my posting level is through the roof this year…But I’m doing scantly little personal writing…and it’s mostly just copy and paste type posting…which brings with it it’s own type of burn out, over time.

I’ve gotten to a point where it’s a real chore, to do things which were effortless for me when I first came here…at times I’m almost dreading things, which used to be fun for me…

A big part of the reason I’ve infused my crazy “pro wrasslin’ universe” into this blog, is to inject some personal creativity into this blog, and keep myself engaged…entertained, even, in my blogging…but even now, I’m getting overrun in offline life and missing things I’d planned with that.

Eleventh…How “exciting”…we now get to really put to the test, my theory that running a widely diverse blog might help insulate a MAP from falling victim to censorship…

I don’t want to restate what I’ve said a bazillion times over…but my blogging has changed a lot, since I first started blogging in 2006.

Partially, this is due to the extreme hostility and censorship my original writings received…and part of it was that I simply needed to evolve and expand…because…how many times over can you keep saying the same things, about the same issues?…

My WordPress years have been standout from those previously, in that they are defined by my Human Rights Activist focus…and my activities here have overwhelmingly focused on educating and aiding people, in well rounded areas of useful information…which anyone can use to improve their lives.

This has always been a sincere evolution for me…and I’ve never been trying to “hide” my more controversial content behind it…but as a human being, who knows the issues represented by that content are vital to so many, including myself…it’s always been my intention to eventually republish it…

…And yet, still…something like eight [or is it fourteen?] years on?…I’ve not republished the original essays of my first blog…

There are real reasons why I’ve so gingerly danced around taking any strong stance on changing age of consent laws, or legalizing child porn…or any number of other issues concerning early life sexuality and MAPs…

There are real reasons why I come at so many issues, from an angle which is not head on confrontation…

…When a pedophile [of which I am] does these things…their work always gets deleted…

I’ve been reluctant in re-posting the naughty writings of In Self Defense, largely because I don’t know what the fallout will be…

At times, I’ve almost been shocked at what I’ve been able to get away with here…at times, I’ve intentionally been testing the waters…and it’s worked out okay, thus far…but there are no guarantees.

Lastly…I am out here on the “common” internet, using an “everyday Joe’s” service like WordPress…because it has been important to me to be “out here among the normal people”…among the masses…establishing that we are here, and we are not leaving no matter how many times we get pushed down.

…It is the relentless aggressors, who are going to have to relent this time…because they will never be able to keep us down, nor keep us out.

This specific act alone…establishing our normal presence as MAPs who cannot be driven away…has become every bit as important a focal point to me, as anything else I do here…which makes it all the more difficult to gamble with things, by doing things like publishing my more controversial content here.

I have never been anything even approaching a great writer…I’m no Tom O’Carroll…I’m no great researcher…and I will almost certainly be forgotten, as things move forward and decades pass on…

…but what has happened here over the years, is my true life’s work…and “In Self Defense” is my personal magnum opus…However it is judged…I’ve spent a large portion of my life working on it.

I have loved being able to do this…but if I ever lose this blog to the malicious acts of others…this will release my shackles, and free me to become something else…something bigger, louder and more a pain in the ass to all the control freaks out there.

I don’t think this blog is in danger of being censored…and I am going to move forward, freely blogging like I have all along…I am going to start re-posting the original “In Self Defense” posts…including the ones which call the “normal” world a bunch of bastard mother fuckers…and deal out some black eyes, busted lips and broken teeth, to the establishment…the old school, frustrated and pissed off Steve Diamond, who was ready to proverbially tare this fucked up world a new ass hole…and didn’t mind letting the shit heads know about it.

…Don’t worry…it’s probably only a few actual posts, which were literally like that…but I wrote those over 15 years ago…so I don’t entirely remember.

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8 thoughts on “WordPress, Tom O’Carroll’s Blog Suspension and My Thoughts On the Future of Our Love Frontier…

  1. Yure

    I discussed this issue with my ex. She said that Dailymail sucks and that you shouldn’t buy whatever they are trying to sell as news. Plus, we have been “outed” by different media outlets since the ’50s. We are still here and thriving. If O’Carroll started a new, more discreet blog in another platform, I’m sure he wouldn’t be bothered for a long while. I’ll continue blogging, myself. Since O’Carroll has no problem in showing his face, why not start a vlog on Freespeech Tube? He writes his texts before hand, planning the video, then records it. Perhaps he can pull it like Paulo Henrique Amorim used to. God rest his soul.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s an idea…

      What is wrong, is WordPress caving in like this…

      It’s complete lunacy.

      And, yes…”Mail and News” is a garbage tabloid paper…that’s why such a hack gets their content published in it.

      They could not care less about integrity or honesty.

  2. feinmann

    I understand everything you say here Steve, especially in the light of recent events, and will continue to support you through commenting on those items that pique my interest over time, wherever they may appear.

    As you say, shame on WordPress for caving in to Big Brother media dictats, and thus in the process becoming a fully fledged member of the totalitarian superstate. Especially ironic when they claim the following here: wordpress.com/freedom-of-speech … “At WordPress.com, we’re committed to freedom of speech: our core mission is to democratize publishing. Our service allows anyone on the web to express their ideas and opinions, whether we agree with them or not – we don’t censor, moderate, or endorse the content of any site we host.” If ever there was a clear example of banning free speech, the WordPress action on Tom O’Carroll’s blog is it.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      It’s a disgrace…If I weren’t so deeply rooted in this platform, I’d move out of simple protest…But, where to?

      This platform serves my needs very well.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      I’ve never had good luck actually backing up a blog using this method, but I appreciate the link.

      Everything you see here is backed up on my HD, and periodically elsewhere as a backup, before you ever see it on this blog…

      Thing is, it’s all individual pieces…posts, graphics and media, which needs to be rebuilt into a post…and put back into place, should I ever move…

      But all of my writings and media are safe…I can publish it all again, if I needed to.

      I’ve been contemplating putting my content into zip files…maybe as a website inside a zip file, and “distributing” it like that…or bringing it forward with me, as an archive.

      I don’t know…I like it being out on the open net.

  3. Mark

    Steve, I appreciate your activism. You remind me of the Energizer Bunny. A new wave of censorship is rolling through the Internet. The MAPs IRL podcast and A MAPs Journey podcast were removed from YouTube.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, Mark. 🙂

      YouTube has been horrible for about as long as I have been there.

      I’ve had a YouTube account killed by YouTube, also.

      The only reason my current three active accounts are still around, is because I only post MAP related stuff on one of them…and that content is mostly very vague…and kept unlisted.

      Re: Energizer Bunny…

      This is a movement I am very passionate about…I am excited for the future of MAPs.

      It’s been easy to do this, for the most part…and besides…I needed some place to put my energy and frustration. 🙂

      This blog has been a real pressure valve.


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