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Colorado Primary Results. Progressives Let Down Andrew Romanoff…

Date: July 04, 2020

01) Colorado Primary Results. Progressives Let Down Andrew Romanoff

“Did Bernie Sanders let down Progressives in Colorado?

Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper has defeated former Colorado House speaker Andrew Romanoff in the Democratic race and will face GOP incumbent U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in November.

The Associated Press called the race in Hickenlooper’s favor little more than 20 minutes after polls closed in the state’s all-mail election on Tuesday.

Shortly after polls closed at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday, statewide ballot reporting from the Colorado Secretary of State office showed Hickenlooper enjoying a lead of 60% to Romanoff’s 40% with more than 600,000 ballots cast.



Tomi Lahren PULVERIZED For AOC Halloween Costume Fail…

Date: July 04, 2020

01) Tomi Lahren PULVERIZED For AOC Halloween Costume Fail

“Tomi Lahren doesn’t practice what she preaches.

Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren has been mocked after revealing she dressed up as left-wing congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Halloween.

The Fox Nation host shared a wide-eyed picture of herself wearing large glasses, a blazer and a dark brown wig while clutching a copy of “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Lahren also added a purple book with “Green New Deal” written on the front to her festive outfit⁠—a nod to the Democrats signature policy proposal.

Showing off her costume on Twitter, the Fox host said: “I decided to dress up as the person who scares me most. The Democratic Dimwit Darling, socialist-loving, freedom-hating, former bartender herself @AOC



MWF Scars and Blights – July 04, 2020…


Date: July 04, 2020

01) LINK

Match 1: Sinn Thea and Slave VS The Sprout Twins – 71%

Match 2: Ed Chambers VS Yure GonnaGetIt – 83%

Main Event:

Match 3: Viamund VS Tom O’Carroll – 67%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: The Sprout Twins Loss: Sinn Thea and Slave
Win: Ed Chambers Loss: Yure GonnaGetIt
Main Event Match: Viamund Defeats Tom O’Carroll to become two time MWF Champion!

Show Referee: Devlin

Location: Hardwood

Happy Fourth of July!

BEST RANKED MATCH: Ed Chambers VS Yure GonnaGetIt – 83%