8 thoughts on “Professor Earl Yarington on The John Sydney McNair Show (Series 6 Episode 7)…

  1. feinmann

    Interesting interview. John Sydney McNair asking all the right questions, for example: “What are you trying to do for the MAP community?” Also: “A line needs to be drawn between the MAP and the sex offender, and this in the public mind needs to be drawn.”

    Plenty of discussion on his work with sex offenders, 99% of whom by his own admission, were not MAPs, but rather who selected children as targets of convenience. I found it difficult to believe his quoted 80% of CP-user sex offenders not being MAPs; seemed to contradict his example of heterosexuals seeking out images online if pictures of nude women were ever banned, and prisons full.

    Some discussion too on MAPs having to take the initiative to convince mental health professionals in taking a different approach when dealing with the MAP topic, for example, stop speaking for them and let them speak for themselves, rather than rewrite history.

    No discussion on creating and enforcing laws designed to prohibit discrimination of individuals with a paedosexual orientation – paedosexual lives matter. Until this happens, there will be no new paradigm.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        Probably, yes.

        This happens to a lot of people.

        I was just thinking…this is the second time a person relevant to us, has abruptly “left” the scene [the other being Tom], shortly after appearing on the JSM Show…

        Of course, I’m not implying a thing about JSM…In fact, I quite like him.

        This is an unfortunate departure, for sure…though, I suspect he is still out there under a different name.

        People, especially if they are new to this sort of thing on the internet, simply don’t know what to expect when they put their face out there…name, etc…

        It complicates things.

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