The Global Divide on Homosexuality Persists…


Date: July 14, 2020

01) Pew Research Center: The Global Divide on Homosexuality Persists

“As it was in 2013, when the question was last asked, attitudes on the acceptance of homosexuality are shaped by the country in which people live. Those in Western Europe and the Americas are generally more accepting of homosexuality than are those in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. And publics in the Asia-Pacific region generally are split. This is a function not only of economic development of nations, but also religious and political attitudes.

But even with these sharp divides, views are changing in many of the countries that have been surveyed since 2002, when Pew Research Center first began asking this question. In many nations, there has been an increasing acceptance of homosexuality, including in the United States, where 72% say it should be accepted, compared with just 49% as recently as 2007.”


4 thoughts on “The Global Divide on Homosexuality Persists…

  1. Nada

    How was homosexuality defined? With the recent anti-sex hysteria, it would be also interesting to know the acceptance of heterosexuality, analogously defined, over time.

  2. feinmann

    With 34 countries surveyed from a possible 195, one cannot truthfully use phrases like ‘around the world’ and ‘global divide’. Without sight of the questions asked, and the underlying statistics, it is difficult to assess the veracity of the research.

    If a similar survey were to be carried out for paedosexuality, one might expect 0% acceptance percentages across the board. Similarly, a number of countries have demonised homosexuality to such an extent, that citizens are unable to say what they honestly feel due to fear of reprisal or of being stigmatised.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I didn’t give any thoughts on this, did I?

      I’m almost positive I offered some words on Twitter, concerning this.

      It really underscores just how fragile the acceptance of gays and lesbians remains…and why the outcast sexualitys should not turn on each other.


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