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“The MAP Community Is Seriously Disgusting”…

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Date: July 31, 2020

01) The MAP Community Is Seriously Disgusting

“Why these people feel compelled to defend actions that should and will not ever be accepted is beyond me, however at some point it gets to be way too much and we have to put our foot down.”

A Personal Account, As Someone Who Was There:

“Minor Attracted Person” has been in usage since at least the late 1990’s, by genuine activists.

It’s been published in research and used in research studies, as well as implemented in B4U-ACT workshops [a group which fosters the cultivation of safe, mental health services for nepiophiles, pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles (MAPs), who have need of them in relations to their orientation].

The primary purpose of “Minor Attracted Person”, is to help promote research, safe living and mental well being.

The identifier has been accepted and promoted by several leading experts on pedophilia, including Fred Berlin, who is one of the founding experts at B4U-ACT.

The 4chan trolling attempted attaching itself to a long established movement.

It’s an outrage that anyone would suggest some half baked trolling campaign from a few years back, is “the basis” for our movement…It has literally no [historical] connection to us, and if you were present during this time, you’d know that a lot of us MAPs literally exposed and attacked the “Heart Progress” incarnation of it.

I’ve personally been identifying as a MAP since the mid 2000’s…around ten years, prior to that troll, pulling his stunts.

The MAP movement is a legitimate movement, with real world experts, organizations and communities involved. It has a lengthy history, which goes back over 20 years.