3 thoughts on “New COVID-19 Research Has Stunning Findings!…

  1. feinmann

    As far as I can make out, the Newsweek headline featured in the clip is misleading.

    As of 31 July, the following stats from statista.com/statistics/1104709/coronavirus-deaths-worldwide-per-million-inhabitants/ are relevant (apologies in advance for doubtless dodgy formatting):

    Deaths Population (millions) Deaths per million
    Belgium 9,840 11.42 861.49
    UK 45,999 66.49 691.83
    Spain 28,443 46.72 608.75
    Peru 18,816 1.99 588.20
    Italy 35,132 60.43 581.35
    Sweden 5,739 10.18 563.58
    Chile 9,377 18.73 500.66
    USA 151,826 327.17 464.06
    France 30,137 66.99 449.89
    Brazil 91,263 209.47 435.69
    Mexico 46,000 126.19 364.53
    Ireland 1,763 4.85 363.24
    Netherlands 6,147 17.23 356.74

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, for that.

      I was more interested in the recap on the doctor admitting he was lying about need for face masks…and the heart damage…I didn’t dig into how the death rates stack up.

      That last point is of personal concern, as I already have issues with my heart.

      I also don’t appreciate that Doctor [whatever his name is] left us out there, exposed for several months, intentionally lying to us [we are all considered disposable, on top of being exploitable], knowing he was doing it as a calculated choice.

      A lot of deaths are on his hands…and Trumps…


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