Muscles Of The Apocalypse (The Jimquisition)…


Date: August 10, 2020

01) Muscles Of The Apocalypse (The Jimquisition)

“The Last of Us Part 2 is a neverending nightmare of discourse, and the outrage hasn’t stopped. By far the most absurdly controversial aspect remains Abby, a character whose existence has been offered up for debate by weirdos.

Abby’s swole build has been called into question by a bunch of boys desperate to erase anybody who doesn’t fit into their tiny idea of what “real” women should look like. To do this, they’ve gone to amazing lengths to argue why Abby shouldn’t be muscular.

It’s an absolute roller coaster of nonsense, let me tell you.”

As far as I’m concerned…they could put a penis on every female character in video games…anywhere, including on their forehead…and I would not care in the least…It’s all fictional, anyway.

Large muscles aren’t unrealistic on females…They’re just less common in the real world.


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