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The Next 15 Posts In This Series: What is coming down the pike, over the next few weeks…


Date: August 20, 2020

The next 15 posts in the Research Series are going to be kind of a mixed bag of stuff…

I’m doing some “house cleaning”, and I’m getting some links and quotes I’ve been setting on for the last few years published.

In my exercise to do such…I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of following more, more, more and more “related links”…

…A lot of where I ended up at, are research studies…with their papers behind a pay wall…

As a side note…I’ve always considered it to be really, really unspeakably fucked up…that we have these monumentally important, social issues being studied…and their findings being published…this being content the public really should know about, I would think…and yet, you have someone with their hand outstretched, expecting you to pay them money…for the privilege of reading content that might bring more safety and balance to our world…maybe even prevent a child or two from being raped…possibly kidnapped or murdered…

…I guess some people have other priorities…

I just cannot believe these websites, who demand an insane amount of money…just so you can download and read a PDF file, concerning social issues like these…But, this is the upside down world we live in…

Regardless…I’m sharing all the links I gathered tonight…

…In part, because a lot of them employed the term “Minor Attracted Person”…and I want to share those, because you would not believe how many shit heads on Twitter [mostly just mouthy a-holes, flooding their way into MAP hashtags, and trying to drown out the MAPs who use those hashtags.] and YouTube, still think that this term [and it’s MAP acronym], is something “that just came about in the last year”…”started by teens on tumblr”…or that it was the invention of that Martin whatever his name is, 4chan troll behind CLover Gender and Heart Progress…

…They just cannot comprehend or accept the literal history behind the term “Minor Attracted Person”…which actually goes back over 20 years, and is now deeply rooted in the research field.

…So, I wanted to start collecting up these studies and their papers…and sharing them here.

I don’t claim all of these are going to be of the greatest use to us…I don’t claim they are going to all make us look good…This Research series is not a propaganda piece…It’s a collection of links to research studies, conducted by accredited institutions, by people who are looked upon as authorities in this field…the connecting theme being that they have something to do with human sexuality…usually, pedophilia, ephebophilia, child and youth sexuality.

A large portion of the next 15 posts in this series, are going to be links to research studies behind a pay wall…I apologize for that [though it’s hardly the first time I’ve done such]…many of them aren’t all that “meaty”, as far as gaining good quotes…Potentially, you can search other sources, and find a free copy.

I just wanted to explain what is coming down the pike, over the next few weeks…My apologies, if anyone feels this waters things down…I strongly prefer to offer links, where you can freely obtain a full copy of the research.


More than 30,000 children under age 10 have been arrested in the US since 2013: FBI…


August 20, 2020

01) More than 30,000 children under age 10 have been arrested in the US since 2013: FBI

Thanks to feinmann!

“Stunning annual crime statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) show that between 2013 and 2018 (the most recent year for which complete data is available), at least 30,467 children under the age of 10 were arrested in the United States. And the numbers skyrocket for children between the ages of 10 to 12 with 266,321 arrested during the same six-year time span, according to the data.

Karol Mason, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, told ABC News that: “There are a lot of studies that talk about the effect of trauma on child development and arresting a 7-year-old, putting them in handcuffs and taking them out of school, that’s trauma and trauma disrupts normal development. Is this child going to definitely wind up in the criminal justice system? No. But are you increasing the likelihood that it could happen because of this? Yes.”


A number of examples in the article quoting cases where kids have been arrested on school premises. Was a time when internal school disciplinary processes were sufficient to deal with problems, without ever involving the police.

Now it seems, kids are treated as full adults in all things … except of course consent.”

The whole “scared straight” thing has gone off the rails…This is exactly the kind of thing you get from the “tough on crime” movement.

…criminal records and tainting for little kids…grotesque overreaction…and people who spend their lives in the penal system.

They’re not even hiding the “school to prison pipeline” anymore.

They want humans conditioned towards submission, being subdued…and living from a place of fear and weakness.