Episode 106: QAnon Rally Worldwide…


Date: September 05, 2020

01) Episode 106: QAnon Rally Worldwide

“Yelling about adrenochrome, fighting pedovores and going into trances for our Lord Jesus Christ. We report from the ground in London, Los Angeles and Santee — where some of the hundreds of worldwide soft-QAnon “Save the Children” rallies were held. Plus we address Trump’s comments, Pence’s followup, and the gaggle of reactions to QAnon among the political class. We even managed to slip in the new anti-QAnon bill in congress. The mother of all easter eggs awaits you at the end of the episode — a man mumbling to himself as he melts down Hollywood Boulevard. You’ve even got a full deck for this episode: Annie Kelly, Travis View, Jake Rockatansky and Julian Feeld.”

This is a must listen…especially for those who do not understand, when I reference the deep insanity and mental illness, running rampant within QAnon.

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