Former Trump Voters Admit He’s Actually Destroyed The Country…

Date: September 07, 2020

01) Former Trump Voters Admit He’s Actually Destroyed The Country

“Last week, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota spoke with a panel of former Trump supporters, and some were far more candid than others and actually admitted that the President has destroyed the country in a way that they never thought possible. And this is the great irony of the Trump administration. Republicans have told us for years that liberals would destroy the country, and as soon as they get power back they actually do what they accused us of doing for a decade. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Last week CNNs, Alison Camerata spoke with a panel of former 2016, Donald Trump voters. All of them happen to be suburban, uh, women that, that demographic, that Donald Trump’s swears is totally gonna vote for him. And, uh, they all kind of told the same story. And this actually happened two weeks ago, as well with CNN held a panel with these former Trump supporting white suburban women. And they have abandoned him, but one of them actually said something and that’s kind of what I want to talk about right now. And she said that Trump has destroyed the country in a way that no other president has done before. She was shocked at the amount of devastation, the amount of damage that Donald Trump has actually done to this country in just four short years.

That statement is why Donald Trump’s claims of Joe Biden, unleashing anarchy, and only trumping able to keep you safe. That statement is why Donald Trump’s, you know, fear-mongering, isn’t resonating as much as it usually would with these voters. He’s the one who causes the chaos. He is an agent of chaos. He rebels in it. He enjoys it. He encourages it. And the voters, at least some of them, you know, we don’t really know yet how widespread these feelings are, but some of them totally understand it. They get it. And that’s not even the most important part. The most important part is the irony of it. All. We have gone through

Decades, decades

Of Republican candidates for house Senate and president telling us that if we elect the liberal, if we elect their opponent, that person is going to single handedly, destroy this country. As we know it, it’ll never be the same. The country, you know, the country you love will be dead and you might be too. They they’ve told us that. And Matt Gates told us that at the Republican convention last week, he said, if you vote for Biden, boom, you’re going to have a [inaudible] moving next door to you. Well, turns out it’s, it’s the Republicans. They’re the ones who have actually been destroying this country. As we know it, none of the dire predictions that Republicans have been making for decades have ever come true. You know, did you just, the widespread abortions everywhere, an abortion clinic on every corner never happened. In fact, abortions actually go down.

When Democrats are in charge, that’s quite an amazing statistic. When Republicans are in office abortions, go up, they’ve never come door to door, confiscating your guns. Even though we’ve been hearing that for decades and my whole life Republicans have been saying, Democrats, coming door to door to take your guns. It’s never happened. Never death panels. Well, we have them now actually had to cause the cause the pandemic, we had doctors and nurses and hospital corporations having to get together to decide which person’s going to get the last ventilator who lives, who dies. It’s a death panel. The thing Republican said, Republicans said, excuse me, Democrats would do. Uh, they, they actually cause to happen here in the United States, all of the big, horrible, bad things, you know, Democrats are gonna trash. The constitution Democrats are gonna take away your rights. All of those horrible things they said would happen under Democrats have happened under Trump, your losing your rights.”


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