It’s All Been Part of the Journey…


Date: September 07, 2020

It’s hard to put into adequate words, what it’s meant to me as a homosexual pedophile…to have had the freedom to express myself outwardly into the world, explicitly regarding this existence…and my experiences within it.

It’s helped me to make sense of life…

…It’s helped me tremendously, to work through my own issues…and form my own, good ethics…

It’s helped me to grow…evolve…understand.

…It’s helped me put a face onto this existence…as well as various concepts…

It has helped me see the reality, concealed by the stigma.

…It’s helped me understand how cruel this world is…and…how undying hope continues to fight back.

…I’ve met some of the greatest people, along this journey.

I would not trade this existence, nor this journey, for anything.

Some may say to me…that I should feel shame over myself…over all that I have done here…

…But, seriously…Why should I?…

Presumably…they [and you] have and exercise the ability, to talk about and discuss the issues of your own life…

…I have merely been doing the exact same thing, as anybody else does.

We are not all the same…

…It’s when you encounter people like me…that you come to realize what equal rights actually mean…

There is a reason I started the Equality Foundation…and chose that name…

…My writings and media, are an embodiment of my own equal rights.


2 thoughts on “It’s All Been Part of the Journey…

  1. Nada

    Not, I hope, an epitaph for your blog or, worse, yourself. Thanks for fighting the good fight through the years.

    If equal rights is to have any meaning, they cannot apply just to some, but to all – including us.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Let’s hope not! 😉

      I have to re-post a ton of stuff, anyway…So, I cannot die right now…I can’t fit it into my schedule.

      In fact…I want to convert a lot more of it to audio…possibly some to video.

      It may sound strange, given that this post is the twelfth inclusion to this series, written in 2020…But I seriously don’t write very much anymore…It used to be a daily ritual for me…I used to write insane amounts, way back when.

      It’s strange not having things come to me every day…when it previously happened for many, many years.

      I feel like that part of me is largely in the past…and what remains, is just dwindling remnants.


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