Stigmatization of People With Pedophilia: A Blind Spot in Stigma Research…


Date: September 08, 2020

01) Stigmatization of People With Pedophilia: A Blind Spot in Stigma Research


ABSTRACT. Stigmatization restricts people’s opportunities in life and has severe consequences on mental health and psychological well-being. This article focuses on stigmatization research on pedophilia. Based on an extensive literature search, it reviews studies that have empirically determined lay theories, stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination against people with pedophilia, as well as the effect of stigma on this group. The review reveals a scarcity of empirical studies on the subject (11). Although the majority of studies give at least an indication that stigma against people with pedophilia is highly prevalent, we also identified severe methodological limitations and a lack of a unifying and systematic research agenda. We discuss the need for more theory-driven, rigorous, and representative empirical studies and propose perspectives and requirements for the scientific study of stigma against people with pedophilia.”


5 thoughts on “Stigmatization of People With Pedophilia: A Blind Spot in Stigma Research…

  1. Yure

    I think it’s not very researched because, for most people, pedophiles deserve to be stigmatized. I wouldn’t be surprised if such belief is also strong among researchers. That’s why I’m very glad whenever a researcher wants to work with me in a non-stigmatizing study.

  2. feinmann

    “Based on an extensive literature review in medical and social science journals, we can
    argue that stigma research has a blind spot on pedophilia.”

    Says it all really, and I am sure nothing much has changed in the 8-year interim period.

    One can download the article via (google title).


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