Global Capitalism: Capitalism’s Decline Accelerates [September 2020]…

Date: September 10, 2020

01) Global Capitalism: Capitalism’s Decline Accelerates [September 2020]

“Prof. Wolff presents the following topics: the failures mount: failed preparation for COVID-19; failed containment of COVID-19; failed preparation for 2020 capitalist crash; failed containment of crash’s social effects; failed scapegoating. The social problems explode: systemic racism; State and local budget collapse; unaffordable housing and eviction.

In addition to Wolff’s discussion of the main topics above, Prof. Wolff also discusses the following: US election and the way forward: historic action of US professional athletes; fading power of GOP, Dems, and organized labor; emerging fascism.

A special thank you to the following GCLEU Super Fans whose generous support makes this lecture series possible: Mary Marx; Chary Tamirisa; Margaret Farris-Parr; Christopher A. Butler; Kyle Wulle; Giovanni Toledo; James and Susan Anderson; Andrew Forrayi; John Jones; Darren; Tyler Dilnot; mountainous dreams; Sharon Hanson; dokidokidango; Mahmood Nooshi; Michael DeFreitas; Kevin Hill; Larry Shute; humberto najera; Matthew Kleu.”


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