The Practical Pedosexual: 01 Child Pornography Sites…


Date: September 15, 2020

01) The Practical Pedosexual: 01 Child Pornography Sites

Another project that was a product of it’s time.

I ventured into the “music and text” arena, of online videos.

An aspect or two of this is a bit cringe worthy.

The Practical Pedosexual was a latter project I started, shortly before EQvideo got terminated by YouTube.

It was a good idea [and I think it still is a good idea]…I may have a reservoir of written scripts somewhere [like M.A. Today does]…but, I’m not sure.

The idea behind this series, was to orient Minor Attracted People who’ve just come online, to the dangers that are out there waiting for them.

The Script:

The Practical Pedosexual

Our purpose:

The Practical Pedosexual is a series, aimed at the new arrivals online, in the pedosexual community. These are offered as a piece of advice, for those uninitiated to the workings and dangers of the internet. It is not the intention of this project, nor the people behind it, to give legal advice, nor to advise others in how to break the law while avoiding prosecution. Our single goal, is to share from our own years of learning experience, and help unwary others to avoid making critical mistakes, which they may regret for the rest of their lives.


Websites offering Child Pornography.

Over the years, since the internet became mainstream, untold numbers of pedosexuals, pederasts, child lovers and teen lovers have fallen into online traps, specifically designed to seduce them into breaking the law…

…a draconian law, which typically carries with it, grossly extreme penalties, that are known more for their legacy of destroying people’s lives, than for actually protecting anyone at all.

These sites are typically owned and operated by organizations, such as the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, or an alternative equivalent.

They are designed to get your attention, exploit your personal needs [and the fact that you likely have a pent up, unfulfilled orientation, which you are dying to explore], acquire your personal identification and use deception in order to seduce you into saying, that you are willing to accept “child pornography” from them…there in, violating the law, and quite probably several federal and state laws, which could keep you tied up in the courts, in prison…and even at your local police office, as they keep you on a leash for the rest of your life.

The “child pornography” [by whatever definition the laws are interpreted, in “your” area] can be accepted by you, in a variety of ways. Simply accepting a computer file, which allows you to view an electronic depiction of a physical picture on your computer screen, is qualification enough to be charged, in many jurisdictions. This can be as simple as visiting a web page, private or public, where an illegal picture is displayed [though it should be noted, that U.S. federal law does allow the viewing of up to, but no more than, three such pictures, without it being prosecutable, under the circumstances that you promptly report such material online to law enforcement].

You can also agree to have physical pictures mailed to you, and do even more of the investigators work for them, by handing them your name, address and probably credit card information…

Do not ever, ever do either one of these…This is not safe behavior…

While the former scenario may be a bit more complex to prosecute, there have still been many cases where people have been sent to prison for years, and even decades, just for downloading freely available material online. Viewing these files, typically forces a copy of them to be cached on your hard drive somewhere…somewhere you likely wont know about, since operating systems often do not specify this blatantly…somewhere, where it could remain retrievable for years, when searched for with the right software. If you do not know how to properly clean out and wipe these areas on your hard drive, then days, weeks, even years of wandering the “Disneyland” of the internet, may leave you legally “in possession” of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of illegal pictures, when you did not even know it…and ignorance of this, is not accepted as a legal defense in court.

The later scenario is a “slam dunk” prosecution, except in rare cases, with uncommon factors [for example, the Pete Townshend case]…You had better hope that your credit card was stolen, and that no communications can be traced back to “you”, or “your” home…Otherwise, when you get that much anticipated delivery, you will likely be getting a second knock on the door, within the hour…a team of officers, there to arrest you, search your home and seize everything they think “might” have been used in the commission of a crime…This is property you will likely never get back.

These kinds of online stings, are commonly called “honeypots”.

…Avoid them like the plague…They are almost universally law enforcement stings, wherever they are freely available, and out in the open.

It should be noted, that some of such sites do start out as legitimate endeavors, started by naive people…who end up trading with a law enforcement officer, being arrested, sent to prison, etc…and having their site infiltrated by law enforcement…These kinds of people will typically betray their own clients, as part of a plea bargain in their own prosecution. Their site may remain up, and “in business” for months or even years…secretly administrated by law enforcement, who’s sole intention is to entrap the largest amount of people.

As a rule, you should presume all such sites to be a law enforcement sting…because even if they do not start out as such, it is highly probable that they will be embroiled in legal prosecutions, soon…

These kinds of sites have a very poor track record, anymore, especially as more governments have caved in to pressures from the U.S. government, and other groups who react hostile, towards free sexual expression and open, educational disclosure on topics they find uncomfortable.

The only chance that such a site has, of remaining online for an extended amount of time…is if it’s host server resides in a country, where anti “child pornography” laws are lax, or non-existent [there are few such places, anymore]…or, more commonly, where they are secretly taken over by the cops, and used as a “honeypot”…where in, they keep the site in business, in order to entrap people.

People trading in private, may be little more safe…

…A “private” site, only requires being infiltrated by the wrong, invited person…and this happens often…Sooner or later, a secret group grows, and brings in more people…each having a variety of legal understandings, ethics, behaviors and personal security standards. These groups almost always get taken down by their weakest links…and it is only a matter of time, before they find these weak links.

It is never a good idea, to tie yourself to a group of people, who share in the practice of finding and swapping “child pornography”…in fact, it is a huge liability.

Direct swapping with people you do not know, likewise, is a horrible way of making yourself vulnerable…be it meeting someone in a chat room and swapping files, or just using peer to peer file swapping software…unless you are able to hide your internet protocol number [IP address], then you are handing over your electronic “calling card”, to anyone who knows how to make the proper searches with this information…[and that is not hard to do, nor does it cost anything but a bit of time].

Dealing in “child pornography”, regardless of the nature of the material, is not a legally safe activity, and there are several organized groups who will pose a serious danger to you, should you decide to explore this arena.

…Be aware of all the dangers around you…and take them very, very seriously…

…Know your own local laws…Know their penalties, and know your rights…

…It could be the most critical decision of your life…

The internet is no place to be lax, regarding your own security.

Take all of this as a piece of advice, from someone who has been around the internet for many years…who’s had the painful experience of seeing far to many good, decent and loved people, going to prison and having their lives destroyed by horrible legal standards, which we all presently suffer under.

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