M.A. Today 02: Classism…


Date: September 16, 2020

01) M.A. Today 02: Classism

Created and published in 2008, on my EQvideo YouTube account.

The Script:



May 05, 2008


Classism is the practice of inequality, even when the effected individuals possess the capacity to experience and benefit from the same circumstances.

It is restrictions based upon false or political barriers, which are convenient for those holding power, while detrimental to those being subjugated.

Classism often employs stereotypes and scapegoating, while categorizing people into groups and assigning them with lists of things they “can” do, things they “can not” do, and things to fear (or suspect, disrespect, be angry with and punish) them for.

The current status of the child and the child lover, is an absolutely perfect example of classism. In fact, it is hyper-classism gone insane.

For reasons which fall well outside of natural humanity, typically harmless groups (minorities) are targeted and persecuted, for engaging in a natural activity more harmless than your typical adult on adult relationship. For doing many of the exact same, gentle and tame things which adults take for granted when doing with each other, children and child lovers are treated as though they were violent and cruel torturers.

The natural needs of these two groups of people are called “unimportant”, or even falsely claimed to be “destructive”, when there clearly are positive and beneficial options available.

But that is classism for you.

When the groups who wield the most political power are too short sighted, too mean intentioned or too self centered to care about the very real needs and concerns of the politically vulnerable, the politically vulnerable are hung out to dry and suffer terribly for it.

Classism causes more problems than it could ever hope to solve, presuming that it is even capable of solving any problems at all.

Classism is an act of isolation, contempt and sabotage…and those forced to live not only as underprivileged but also as socially crippled, will rightly perceive that they are the victims of extreme persecution.

The real life consequence of being held down like this, are vast and reach far into every aspect of ones life…It is unconscionable, that this is being done intentionally to any minority.

Denying to people such things as the very simple reality of what they are, their true nature and their natural needs, will never solve any problems.

Trying to cognitively distort the lives and experiences of these minorities, will never solve any problems.

Treating them as if they were “inferior” and “deserving of your abuse”, is the worst thing you could ever do to any minority.

These kinds of obscene, inhumane abuses of minorities will only enrage their targets, inflame whatever problems previously existed and lead to additional problems…which manifest themselves in far worse ways, than had this issue been handled with respect and human decency.

Never accept classism. It is nothing but a form of elitism…and it is always abusive…

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