PS5 Pre-Ordering Is A Stupid Disaster…


Date: September 20, 2020

01) PS5 Pre-Ordering Is A Stupid Disaster

“The PlayStation 5 is proving difficult to order, and neither Sony nor retailers have helped. Pre-orders were meant to go live on Thursday, September 17th. Instead, they just sorta went live whenever, and the result has been anarchic.

Because nothing in the so-called “AAA” industry is ever simple, customers simply trying to reserve a console have been confused with weird lockouts, surprise listings, and Sony’s failure to communicate information.

Just another day in games!


I’m thinking…a massive portion of the human population is unemployed…economies are in the toilet…Sony does not know what the future has in store, for them and their new console…This is likely why they put the breaks on production and distribution.

They’d have possibly been better off waiting for all of this to be over, instead of dumping a console on the market…for which support is in question.

Sounds crazy to say that about a PS5…but nobody is going to make and publish games they cannot profit from.


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