Legal Strategy Has Proven Record Against White Supremacist Groups…


Date: September 30, 2020

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“Rachel Maddow describes the legal strategy that has been used by the victims of white supremacist terrorist violence against the group that organize and encourage that violence, targeting the assets of those groups and effectively shutting them down.”

The reason I share this, is because it describes a tactic which was erroneously attempted against NAMBLA during the 2000’s.

Since NAMBLA never promoted violence against anyone, the perpetrators were acting in contradiction to the organizations tenets and ethics.

In addition, they were not members of NAMBLA at the time of the acts, and had not been for years.

Happily, NAMBLA withstood this attack and emerged intact.

While I have no sympathy for racist groups who promote violence, and do believe if there was material assistance provided [for the purpose of committing that explicit criminal act] by such a group, then there is culpability…I’m not going to lie about the fact that I am not comfortable at all, with the idea that anybody related to a murder/rape/assault victim can launch a law suit against you for having and expressing “the wrong” views…or for associating with “the wrong” groups.

I cannot put into adequate words, just how dangerous that would be.

I am simultaneously happy that NAMBLA survived the law suit…while being dissatisfied that NAMBLA was never given any legal vindication.

The suit was simply dropped.

Realistically, it could happen again…to NAMBLA, or any other organization or individual…because there is no legal precedent in place to stop it.

Nobody should ever be under this type of threat, over the expression of ideas, opinions, facts and accounts.

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