Paul Weston – Covid Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics…

October 02, 2020

01) Paul Weston – Covid Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

Thanks to feinmann!

“NHS Website here:


It appears that the UK government’s department of health in England compiles ‘out of hospital’ deaths by searching the UK’s National Health Service database for whether that person ever tested positive for the COVID 19 virus. It then apparently fails to consider how long ago that person tested positive or their actual cause of death.

Under these terms, a person who tested positive a few months ago but then gets hit by a bus this week, would be recorded as a COVID 19 death. If left unchanged, every single one of the 292,500 people who have tested positive will some day be a COVID 19 death statistic, even if they live for decades and die of completely unrelated causes.”

I’ve heard this is also happening in the U.S…basically, that they’re just presuming deaths to be caused by the pandemic without any concrete proof.

It should be noted, though…covid 19 does introduce an additional factor, which could push people with pre-existing conditions beyond their capacity to survive.

I think it’s more complicated, than whether or not someone died from simply getting covid.

I don’t want to excuse anything on the part of governments here…but it should also be considered that covid is said to attack and damage internal organs, long after the initial infection and sickness…This will really screw someone up. They could ultimately die from it, or suffer such ill effects from it that it makes them more prone to die in an accident.

We don’t currently know what the common long term effects of covid are going to prove themselves to be.

Of course…this does not justify abrupt, reckless diagnosis of death.


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