How to Make an Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger with George Motz…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: October 05, 2020

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“Today, we’re visited by burger scholar and extraordinaire, George Motz, who shows us how to make the legendary Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger with just five ingredients!

Motz says, “One of the burgers I’ve become known for is something that I did not invent. It’s a very basic burger called the Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger. It is probably one of the most important hamburgers in hamburger history, because back in the beginning, to flavor burgers, they would simply take onions and then put them either in or on the burger. Onions predate ketchup, predate cheese, everything else.”

-Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls
-75/25 prime chuck from Schweid & Sons (two 3-oz. balls)
-American Cheese
-Thin-sliced sweet Vidalia onions
-(Optional) Pickles

George Motz is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker, founder of the Food Film Festival, author of 4 burger books including The Great American Burger Book, a regional hamburger cookbook. He is currently the host of Complex Media’s Burger Scholar Sessions on First We Feast. The NY Times has called him the foremost authority on burgers and he is currently hard at work on opening his very own burger joint. George lives in Brooklyn, NY with his 2 children and a large collection of outdoor grilling equipment.”

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