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Knight Rider KITT Car Replica Most Screen Accurate Build…


Date: October 16, 2020

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“Knight Rider Fan Creates the Most Accurate Replica K.I.T.T. Car

Chris Blasius from Olmsted Falls, Ohio, Spent over 2.5 years, 2000 hours & $50,000 dollars building the most accurate restoration of a Knight Rider KITT replica Car.

I asked Chris What was the motivation that drove you to do all that work. he said “I told my parents at the age of 6, that I will own KITT someday. I actually begged them to buy me a new 82 trans am, and save it for me, until I could drive, because they were still new then. They said I would grow out of it… but I never did.”

Chris’s ultimate dream for the car, would be to have a picture taken with David Hasselhoff with the car and himself, and to put that as his Facebook profile picture forever.”


How The Terminator Movies Have Changed…


Date: October 16, 2020

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“The Terminator series is probably one of the best known sci-fi movie franchises, it’s generated three billion dollars worth of income in its liftetime, about twice the nominal gdp of Saint Lucia. Thanks for that Wikipedia. It features not only five films, but also comic books, TV series, videogames, toys and other merchandise.

Here I’m just looking at the films, and how they have inevitably changed over the 31 years the quintology has existed, and they have changed a lot.

The Terminator was made in 1984, and is about a cyborg sent from the future to that year tasked with killing the mother of the not yet conceived leader of the human resistance fighting against Skynet, a very unfriendly Artificial Intelligence. At the same time Kyle Reese, a soldier from the future, is sent back by the resistance, to stop this cyborg – a terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger – a metal skeleton coated with real skin, free from morality, fatigue, and body hair.

Cameron came up with the idea several years before after having a dream about something kind of resembling what we would know as a terminator. I remember reading once that it was also based on a story by Harlan Ellison – the science fiction writer, and I assumed that it was based on I Have No Eyes and I Must Scream, a short story about a malevolent AI that has purged the world of all humans with the exception of a handful of survivors that it tortures for its own amusement.

In fact it’s not that at all, Harlan Ellison thought The Terminator was a rip-off of a episode of Outer limits he’d written in 1964, adapted from an earlier short story in 1957, about two soldiers 1800 years in the future who accidentally get sent back in time…”


FWF Pride – October 16, 2020…


Date: October 16, 2020

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Match 1: Mom & Steg Hadley VS Honeythorn Gump & Sir Dance-A-Lot – 72%

Match 2: Bobby Jobby VS FakeSumo – 57%

Main Event:

Match 3: Cyborg Boy & Pedo Bear VS Starbutt & Mr. TeeTee – 80%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Mom & Steg Hadley Loss: Honeythorn Gump & Sir Dance-A-Lot
Win: FakeSumo Loss: Bobby Jobby
Main Event Match: Starbutt & Mr. TeeTee Defeated Cyborg Boy & Pedo Bear

Show Referee: Magnifico

Location: Whoopie Heights

During an interview with Tom Piddle, Dick “Hornywood” Balls removed his mask and shirt, revealing an albino, hissing tube snake…Tom began referring to him as Wang Nakki…

What has happened to the real Nester?!!

Tom was informed that he must defend the FWF Championship at FWF Scary Fodder…To which he smirked and demanded…”Bring me the boy who lived!”


BEST RANKED MATCH: Cyborg Boy & Pedo Bear VS Starbutt & Mr. TeeTee – 80%