Chris Hansen: To Catch a Payday…


Date: October 21, 2020

01) LINK

“PART 2 – Former Dateline NBC journalist, Chris Hansen, has experienced his fair share of controversy when entering the YouTube community, specifically in relation to his Onision investigation. But I quickly discovered that he will sell his name, reputation, and influence for anything if he is given enough money for it. From internet scams, to advertising the Escobar company, this man has truly done it all. Why don’t you take a seat and learn all about it in Part 2/4.

0:00 – Intro
2:19 – The Onision Investigation
4:08 – Sarah’s Laptop
7:00 – Holly Hayes
9:43 – NanoVapor Biotech
14:34 – The Escobar Fold
17:39 – Chris Hansen’s Cameo
19:35 – John Crestani’s Scam Report
23:55 – Debt Relief Secrets
26:14 – The Valerie Plame Smear Campaign
28:24 – The Onision Interview
31:47 – CordWit Feature
34:25 – Chris Hansen Updates us on Onision
36:06 – Conclusion/Part 3 Teaser”


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