Ocasio-Cortez Trolls Ted Cruz After He Unveils Plan to Block Court Packing…

Date: October 21, 2020

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A lot of gays and lesbians are getting very uncomfortable, seeing the way the U.S. supreme court is being packed with conservatives…They know their issues and freedoms are in danger now.

…And it’s like I’ve been saying for years to all the gays and lesbians who think “they’ve made it”, to the point where they can be arrogant and endlessly punch down at other sexual minorities…things can turn around for you very quickly…You’re nowhere near out of the woods…And you still need all the allies you can come by…

…The last thing you need to be doing, is throwing other minorities under the bus and creating more enemies for yourselves.

Those chickens might be coming home to roost, quite soon.

Your victories have always been tenuous and unstable…because you’ve been fighting on the wrong grounds, over the wrong and least fundamental questions.

You should have been fighting in the same way as us MAPs…and confronting everyone on their lies and deceptions…even when it’s politically incorrect and dangerous to ourselves.

…But…you’ve “had yours”…and you’ve become complacent…no longer serious activists on the front line.

…I’ve said it for years…that while you are so busy celebrating your own self importance, and acting like “you’ve won…it’s over”…something ugly is brewing, and it’s going to throw you off of your pedestal…so quick, and so easy…

You’re eventually going to learn…the contempt they hold for you, equals the contempt they hold for “pedophiles”.

You’re not seen as any different from us MAPs, by them…and they have you in their sights.


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