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Twitter Changes it’s Child Sexual Exploitation Policy to Something Very Peculiar…


Date: October 25, 2020

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One has to question what they mean by “promoting or normalizing sexual attraction to minors as a form of identity or sexual orientation”, in the brand new Child sexual exploitation policy.

This new rule comes off like pure, weasel wording…And there is absolutely no reason for it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with MAPs being on Twitter, nor openly discussing their issues.

Certain actions are illegal…the orientation, itself, has no law against it.

…It’s neither moral nor immoral…it’s just a state of being.

I know Twitter has a problem with power crazed moderators even @jack cannot control.

But a TOS against a state of being?

It might explain some of the underhanded maltreatment some MAPs have faced, over the last several months, at the hands of Twitter moderators.

Twitter needs to explain itself…

A sexual orientation is a sexual orientation is a sexual orientation, regardless of who likes it.

Ones orientation is part of their identity…

It’s outrageous anyone would suggest an identity violates TOS.

There is professional push back gearing up for this…



…and it is very early…Twitter must be given a chance to clarify itself…

…I don’t presume Twitter is planning to ban people wholesale, over publicly admitting to being a MAP, nor talking about broad MAP issues…but there are various nasty people on Twitter, waging celebrations under the claim that such is true.

Twitter needs to step up, and clarify itself.

I’m largely sharing all of this, just for public record of the whole thing.

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