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QAnon Supporter Attacks Tom Hanks…


Date: October 26, 2020

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“Conspiracy theories are spreading throughout America.”

Oh, Anna!…

…There is a massive difference between being a pedophile, and being a child molester!

Being a pedophile is not “the worst crime imaginable”, or however you phrased it.

Interesting video, otherwise.

CNN Reporter Goes to a QAnon Rally…Things Get WEIRD


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5 FRIGHTENING FORESTS You Should Never Visit…


Date: October 26, 2020

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“5 Frightening Forests You Should Never Visit

Large trees, fresh air and solitude – forests are fantastic for a quick getaway from the stress of city living. But there are certain forests that you should be weary of And The five woodlands on this list have gained a reputation for being sinister, dark and even deadly. These are 5 Frightening Forests You Should Never Visit

5. Devils Tramping Ground

Over 120 years before America gained its independence, locals have whispered that inside the pine woods of Chatham County in N. Carolina lies a 15-foot wide circle where no life has ever grown. They call it the Devil’s Tramping Ground.

Year after year, no plant life grows within the circle. Despite being surrounded by forests and trees, no plant life ever grows within this circle. No trees, no flowers,no anything and Locals say even when plants are transplanted within, they just wilt and die.

4. Man Finds Missing Person’s Shrine

James Rankin was on a leisurely hike in October of 2016 exploring Huntington’s Berkeley Jackson County Park in New York when he came across a terrifying site. He was walking along when something posted on the trees caught his attention. He took a closer look and to his surprise, they were pieces of printed paper placed inside a plastic file sleeve. Theyhad been posted on individual trees around a portion of the forest. Rankin looked closely at each one and realized they were missing posters.

3. Pine Barrens

Pine Barrens, New Jersey is dubbed as one of the most haunted forests in North America. Why? There’s a couple of reasons. First, it’s home to the terrifying Jersey Devil. Second, there are supposedly multiple ghosts seen in the area. Third, it’s a place where real life abandoned ghost towns are found.

For centuries, countless urban legends have surrounded this mysterious forest. Over time, the stories change but the central characters remain.

2. The Black Forest

Sitting alongside the Rhine River, you’ll find a deep, dark forest with such a thick canopy of tall trees hardly any sunlight penetrates through. This area in Germany is known appropriatly as the Black Forest.

For many, the Black Forest has become synonymous with evil forests you would find mentioned in haunting fairytales. In fact, we have the Brothers Grimm to thank for that imagery since many of their stories set in deep, dark forests take inspiration from this location.

1. Interstate 85

For many, the trees lining one of America’s busiest interstates is just like anywhere else. But what they don’t know is that Interstate 85 in Atlanta, Georgia is a hidden dumping ground for bodies. The entire 200–mile stretch of the Interstate starting at the Georgia corridor down to the tip of South Carolina has become a dumping place of murdered and missing people.”