9 thoughts on ““Twitter MAPs”: how did we get here?

      1. Yure

        Mm! It was inspired by a few Boychat posts of people thinking that our cause was not moving… I wanted people to remember that it does move. Slow, but it does. Gil’s interview was what made me stop being too lazy to type it.

  1. Kamil Beylant

    Twitter, the nostalgia of it all. It seems Steve and I are out of the pigeon coop for the moment due to a Shoe0nHead-themed purge (If you know her party line on MAPs well, you can discern that the writer or most influential co-writer of the new Twitter policy is her dupe — which means we probably owe Twitter a salute for employing someone young and naive in such an important position). There are a bunch of interesting Twitter stories remaining to be told. In the meantime, I congratulate Steve on a magnificent run, with lots of recognition from scientists in the final days, and wish him the best in any further encounters with the demented robot bird site.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Hey, Thanks Kamil!

      I’ve already sent the appeal, but haven’t a lot of hope for even a response. We all know what’s really going on here.

      Apparently, PooInHead got dumped by Armored Skeptic…little piece of trivia I found out a bit ago.

      In all honesty…I’ve been focused on the POTUS election these last few days, not really paying much attention to Twitter, which I’ve been progressively burnt out on for a long time.

      I was just thinking about you, a bit ago…thinking I’ve now been attacked on Twitter, the same way as yourself…

      People like us are too inconvenient…especially when we become legitimate pillars, long standing…So, they get at us with transparently underhanded tactics.

      Really, this is something of a blessing…I’m not mad in the least…Twitter has some wonderful MAPs and allies…but the abusive hoards are absolute soul poison…and I have a hard time refraining from correcting them.

      I’m looking forward to the peace, of not having to deal with such vile people anymore.

  2. Kamil Beylant

    Boo hoo, Youtube Shoe.

    Here’s the story of my experience with the appeal this time. I told this to someone who was writing up an article, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s not high drama but I think it says a lot about the site.

    Even ACMAP ally Kamil Beylant, a long time LGBT movement member who supported non-offending paraphiles, was surprised to find his account locked with an accusation that he had shown “automated behavior.” Though he had sometimes experienced this in the past purely for being a TorBrowser user, the lock had always been quickly lifted on appeal. This time, Twitter demanded a telephone number, something he had always declined to give out due to death threats. His letter of appeal said,

    I assure you anyone reporting my content as against Twitter rules was acting in malice. I think I have learned the rules thoroughly and make every attempt to stay within them, even when responding to extremely threatening and abusive posters.

    I’ve used Torbrowser, for safety, consistently since 2013 and have never been responsible for any mischief.

    I asked for permission to re-enter the account WITHOUT providing a telephone number for security reasons …

    In any case, the purpose of two-factor authentication, like a telephone number, is to verify that the account is being re-opened by the true account holder. If you compare this unlocking request to previous ones like Case# 75781557 and Case# 0116263545, where you accepted my re-entry without a phone number, you can easily verify that I am the same person making the same (true) case. You do not need my number to authenticate me; under the circumstances, this would merely be an attempt to grab my personal identifying information in a Facebook-like manner. Your procedures appear to want me to put my life at risk in order to communicate on your medium. I don’t find that reasonable.

    I have been of great service to Twitter over the years; for example, I developed the tactic that foiled the exploit allowing accounts to be maliciously brought into suspension by an Anonymous-run ‘spam-block’ procedure in 2015. I called out Russian bot activity accurately long before Twitter or Facebook took action. I obstructed the Pizzagate conspiracy theory that embarrassed your website by making it a constant and grotesque source of false sexual crime accusations against members of the American Democratic Party. In 2019 and again this year, I’ve spoke out strongly against a concerted troll attack by ‘The Dragon’s Den’ and Anonymous that was attempting to portray Mr. Dorsey as being permissive of child sexual abuse images.

    Even though I’ve been given no indication of which rule may have been at issue in this case, I’m hopeful that your review of the situation will find nothing untoward, and will unlock the account.

    In response, Twitter completely suspended the account. If you try to look at it now, you’ll see “Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter rules.” This is the subtlest lie of all. Many suspended accounts never break a rule. Twitter suspends accounts because it stage-manages its corporate image.

    Still, they’re random enough that you never know. So good luck in the appeal lottery.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Do let me know should that article get published.

      They have my information, so I don’t run into that sort of thing anymore…though, strangely, someone suggested my behavior made them think I was a bot…and frankly, I don’t even know where they got that idea from.

      I interacted with people in live dialogue, quite frequently.

      We’ll see what happens.

      There has been some small bit of protest to what happened.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m not terribly thrilled with the predictable throwing “pedosex” under the bus, nor by implication, those who can in fact defend it…This type of smugness has always been deeply offensive in my book.

      These types of groups have their own integrity deficits, and they still go along with populist dogma in their own ways.

      I’d be more excited if it were at least in a more neutral forum…but, thank you for that link, Kamil.

      Of course…it’s heavy on the VP angle…which of course, it would be since this is the wing closer to being controversy sterile…and more professionals would attach themselves to it publicly, since it’s not automatic career suicide.

      To be fair, it makes sense they’d highlight that “even this is being attacked”.

      I’m “glad” this happened and is being documented…It underscores something I’ve been saying all along…Being an “anti contact map” does nothing to shield you…On the contrary, they “acmaps” appear to have been the most viciously targeted out of all of us…on average.

      All this BS some “acmaps” have touted about “common ground with antis”, and “anti allies”…you have to be a brain dead idiot, to buy into any of those lies.

      Some are satisfied enough with tolerating you, when they believe they have you submissive to their own, strict ideology…But MAPs should not misunderstand this…”you” are agreeing to be kept on their leash…Frankly, it’s demeaning in every meaningful way.

      The moral to this situation is starkly clear…MAPs can try to put themselves forward as sterile and clean as they like, even agreeing and chanting “anti pedosex” slogans, and spewing venom at “pedosex”…The lying fanatics will come down on you even more fiercely, because you’re appearing “to much like them”…and they see you as a trojan horse.

      It is always best to be up front an honest about all aspects of “pedophilia [etc]”, even when individual MAPs might not be comfortable with the truth.

      A lot of MAPs, frankly, are dupes for the populist dogma.


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