Identifying the Coping Strategies of Nonoffending Pedophilic and Hebephilic Individuals From Their Online Forum Posts…


Date: November 09, 2020

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“Sarah J. Jones, Caoilte Ó Ciardha, Ian A. Elliott


Individuals who identify as pedophilic or hebephilic, and who do not offend, are increasingly visible in online discourse and as a focus of research. Developing knowledge about this population will offer insights into their psychological needs and, potentially, into the mechanisms and strategies individuals use to live offense-free lives. This study examined coping strategies among members of an online forum supporting pedohebephilic individuals who do not wish to offend. Forum users’ posts were analyzed using thematic analysis. Eleven themes emerged, which were classifiable into three superordinate themes around (a) the acceptance of pedophilia, (b) strategies to stay safe, and (c) dealing with sexual arousal. These themes offer insight into the varying strategies used by these individuals to cope with stress and/or to remain offense-free. Understanding whether these strategies are adaptive or maladaptive may help develop better support services for those who have not offended and may inform prevention efforts.”


2 thoughts on “Identifying the Coping Strategies of Nonoffending Pedophilic and Hebephilic Individuals From Their Online Forum Posts…

  1. Yure

    I accepted pedophilia pretty naturally. It was always there, so… There was not a time when I hated myself for it. To stay safe, I just gotta mind my actions. Provided I never do anything illegal, it doesn’t matter much what I think or fantasize about. Sexual arousal is relieved via masturbation, usually playing a fantasy of mine. And that’s it.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s pretty well it, yes.

      As you’re probably aware, I grew up in a strict religion…so, I wasn’t just left alone with my orientation, to experience it naturally.


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