My Twitter Tweets: Responses and Posts Going Back to September 21, 2020…


November 16, 2020

I went through my recent tweets and decided to share with you virtually every live response I gave to anyone, going back to September 21…as well as tweets I made, directly on Twitter…It’s about a months worth of interacting with people.

It seems some tweets are missing, but this is an excellent example of how I’ve conducted myself on Twitter, over the last decade plus…and leading into the unceremonious suspension of my account [which I’ve now been informed is permanent, despite having never been in trouble on Twitter previously].

A few brief explanations…

I’ve had a few series of posts…one is Ugly Dehumanization, where I share and respond to captures of people dehumanizing MAPs…That can get really dark and ugly [what I’m responding to].

…Another is People Say The Darndest things…The same as above, but responding to ridiculous claims made against MAPs…

…Another, not featured here, is The Push Back Report…which was my campaign to report everyone showing up in the #mappositivity hashtag, who was dehumanizing, smearing or threatening MAPs…I had something like 130+ installments of the reports I gave on my results…since something like April…This pissed a lot of people off, because I took down a lot of people [who deserved it].

I may revisit this later…but, chances are the hit on my Twitter account was retribution for being the one who posted about the Twitter CSEM rule change…and brought it to the attention of many experts in the fields dealing with “pedophilia”.

…and that it was also retribution for The Push Back Report…

There is an endless flood of really nasty, abusive assholes on Twitter…Some of my comments below, are in response to such people…I’ve always been pretty good at maintaining my composure, even in the face of really outrageous, galling behavior from these sorts.

I’ll leave you to peruse over my comments below, if you like…and come to your own conclusion regarding the nature and fitness of my behavior on Twitter, leading into my permanent suspension.

Does it look like I was unfair in what I expressed, or how I expressed it?

No…I did not cherry pick here…I coppied everything I happened across [except a few mundane things].

Oh…I also had a few silly threads I would post in the #mappositivty threads…One was award trophies I’d make up…another was The Holy Book of Love [a “bible” with positive comments on MAPs]…It was utterly harmless…You’d have to be insane, to have gotten mad about them…I expect to eventually post them here. As time went on, I kept posting this sort of thing more to help offset the vile abuses that were being posted towards MAPs in our hashtags.


…You’re obsessed with the “destroyed for life” narrative & whenever you see “the monster” trying to do anything objectively constructive in this world, you try to drag them down with everybody else, that poisonous mentality destroys.

This is why so many older MAPs are fed up with people who behave like you…

…You’re just a bottomless pit of constant complaints, hyperbole and denials…

Some day, if you live long enough and actually open your heart and mind enough, you may eventually understand why I say…

…it is those MAPs who understand first hand all the outrageous B.S. forced upon them [and this world], who yet still choose to forgo their own needs, placing themselves in danger for the betterment of all…who are the true heroes walking the high road, here.


OCT 27, 2020

Some pedophiles do things they should not do.

The lack of guidance, structure, support and accountability with/among peers [older, younger, same age], is one of the big reasons so many of us have pushed so hard, to build groups concerning, including and led by MAPs.


Being a pedophile, is not “raping children”.

Pedophilia is recognized as a sexual orientation, causing attraction and arousal towards, roughly, seven to twelve year old people.

A spontaneous, biological function in private, is not rape.


Being born a pedophile, likewise, is doing nothing wrong.

You dehumanize us, by treating and talking about us, as if we were uncivilized animals…or an “obvious danger”, by mere fact that we exist.


It’s flown entirely over your head.

You are a product of your culture.

If you lack the ability to explore beyond the cultures paradigms, then you will never honestly understand what I am talking about.


Oh, stop with the hyperbole…

People like me, have never ruined anybody else’s life…

Since you aren’t aware, clearly…After a brief, legal, sexual relationship with a friend, I embraced sexual celibacy in my early twenties.

People like me have sacrificed enormously.

And yes…I will support this community…There are damn fine people in it.

The fact that there may very well be predators wandering around and intermingling, is an issue with the structure of Twitter.

It’s not right to revoke our abilities, just because we cannot keep all away.

This standard is literally the impossible.

You’re judging and attacking us, for things which are literally outside of our control.

If Twitter wants to implement deeper moderation features, very well…

…but strangers showing up in “our” hashtags, is not something you can rightly judge us for.

Especially not considering how hashtags currently operate.


You clearly don’t follow me, sweetheart…

What you are doing here [ie “your very existence is a danger”], is materially no different from what was happening to the Jews, leading into the holocaust.

Your own mentality and behavior, is a grotesque outrage.

There is a very long history of MAPs [myself included] acknowledging and discussing not only the problem of child rape/abuse, but also the fraction of these cases which involve MAPs.

It’s among the multiple core reasons, why MAPs started speaking out, in the face of threat.

…But, “you” think you can just spontaneously burst into random exchanges, insult and demean us, and dictate from your pedestal “who we are, and what we are about”…and judge us by your slander.

Who is the A-Hole here?

You don’t know the first thing about us.


Well, look pal…

…If you don’t want responses from me, then don’t post hyperbole in a thread I started, where I keep getting notifications on your responses.

I have a super hard time, refraining from debunking gross ignorance.

…It’s “my cross to bare”.


A totally baseless claim.

Fully subjective.

Attraction and arousal are an involuntary biological function.

“moral” and “immoral” mean absolutely nothing here.

They can only be applied to matters of conscious choice.


Yes, that’s typical…

They take the few dozen cases on record that involve a “pedophile” stranger abducting, brutalizing and murdering, which they’ve collected over several decades, and parade those in concentration…

Meanwhile, less/non extreme cases are completely ignored.


There needs to be clarification on the changes…

It is outright corrupt and immoral, for Twitter to have a rule which targets identity.

Whomever created that monstrosity, and who has been maliciously enforcing such, needs to be fired.


I say they can…

…And so does Nature!

…So There!

You don’t deserve a serious response…


Yet, it’s true…”I” do say they can “stop fucking off”…

I’ve been saying it for decades.

Don’t like it?…tough!…



Oh, Dear Dear Me!…

That was super, ultra quick for a retreat.

It’s so delicious when mouthy bigots do this.

As Nigel would say…


It says everything about their character, that they’re not even man enough to own up to their wrong doing here, retract and apologize for it…

…They just run away and hide.

That is not how a decent, principled human behaves.


Are you mentally stable?

…What are you even talking about?

The issue discussed in the original post [and subsequent discussion, from what I’ve seen], has utterly nothing to do with an adult sexually abusing a minor.

Yet here you are, blurting out violent threats about it.

Ah, yes…a “Christ Follower”…

…who randomly blurts out homicidal threats, in grossly inappropriate places [if there even is an appropriate place].

I grew up deep, deep, deep in the church.

The Jesus character was empathetic and a solution seeker.

“You” are no follower.

I, as an atheist, homosexual pedophile, have far more claim to “following Jesus”, than you.


Oh!…a vague threat…

What?…You imagine I haven’t had nut jobs like you make it a point to cross my path, even on the street?

I’ve been semi out, for something like a decade and a half.

Save your Internet Rambo rantings, for someone it impresses.


Abusing children has never at any point, been part of my identity. I staunchly fight such.

You are detached from reality, sweetheart.


“Pedophiles deserve to be kicked off”?

Not True.

And…from what I’ve seen, it remains within TOS to be a pedophile using this platform…

It’s clear there are aggressive moderators behind the scenes, trying to gag our voices as a group.


[Doctor Sleep]

You’re right…

…Even though I liked this movie [what’s filmed is still not real], it’s amazing what is depicted, that the masses accept as okay to watch, when they lose their minds over anything theoretically “sexual”, recorded with a minor…regardless it’s nature.

This was the hardest [and most horror] scene to watch in the movie.

Tone wise, “Doctor Sleep” is all over the place…mostly solid enough horror, with a few scenes that feel like they were “made for tv”.

It’s not “The Shining”, however.

Your point is well taken.


They often like to intertwine extreme things, which are not naturally related to pedophilia, and use those things to attack pedophiles.

A tactic of those bankrupt in sound argument.



Thank you, for the thank you!

I’ve been visiting this hashtag pretty much since it started, and just tossing in uplifting things.

As I’ve witnessed abusive invaders flooding it, I’ve not gotten angry…I’ve had a wonderful time reporting and taking them down.


“there is no positivity in wanting to have sex with children”?

How do you know this?

There are likely several million people on this planet, who are exclusively oriented like that…Do you know the inner workings of every mind?

This orientation has led me into a life’s work of human rights activism…This has been tremendously positive.


No…of course it is not.

Humans who live an exemplary life, have no cause for shame.



…You Are Excused!


I don’t want to re-open this issue, but I did bother to track down my blog post [including video of the speech], regarding this incident.


I’m an independent.

Please don’t call me a democrat or republican.


In a rigidly structured social system, where they tell you everything to believe, where to go, what to say, how to work, how to live…the powers that be do dictate, that such things are not “normal”…

For the unimpeded human animal nature, the picture is likely different.


But that’s not “the same standard”…

If they point to ones sexual orientation and claim they cannot reference it, but they allow the same freedom to others, that is unequal.


Back in the late 1990’s there was fledgling research starting to take place, many of us volunteered to take part, despite possible dangers to us. It would have begun opening up public knowledge, as to what factually is normal among MAPs…

But, of course, religious fanatics caught wind, exploited their propaganda networks, and enraged the masses…While it’s true, we’ve not been entirely stagnant since, it’s been slow and it was a terrible setback.

We’d likely know a lot more about the issue of which you complain, if it weren’t for the endless, obsessive, infantile blubbering and wailing of fanatics and zealots.

Just as important, we might actually have been in a better position by now, to actually address it…But, no…They just had to have their scapegoat.

You can complain to me about this old canard all you like…but it’s literally been you zealot sorts, who’ve prevented us from actually being able to “clean up our own backyard”…

So…I dismiss your claim…It’s unsubstantiated, and I have no reason to believe many MAPs are rapists…I’ve known enough who were not…

I’ll take my real world experience and knowledge over your flippant accusation, every time.

The “cherry” on top of this crap pie…is that every time MAPs have attempted starting some initiative to address these issues, and lessen suffering in this world, zealots have been there to overwhelm it, stop it, and blame us even more ruthless for what we aim to combat.

See…zealots have taught us MAPs, that it is nothing more than a vicious cycle with them.

This is why so many of us no longer put up with any abuse from people like you, and we stand tall as honorable human beings.

We push back, to end this cycle.

There could have been so, so much built over the last twenty years…

There should be public organizations for MAP support, by now…

You sorts just had to point fingers, blame, blame, blame and blame…swatting away our invaluable hand and insight.

This is the world people who think like you, has left us…We function and survive in it, as best we can.

We don’t owe you our silence…We don’t owe you our allegiance…We plot our own course forward, because we’ve been abandoned and left to do it for ourselves.


I’m not getting into this conversation with you, as I’m soon to sign off…but know this…

Sexual brutality is always wrong.

Modern cultures have evolved into an unhealthy obsession, with defining ever broadening activities as “assault”, and losing their minds over it.


We are not obliged to “keep it to ourselves”…

I know this is terribly inconvenient to you micro-small minded sorts…

…but we MAPs play our part, in making this world function too…We oldies have paid our dues, and we will stand as equals among the masses.

Get used to it.


So, you’re not going to substantiate your claim?…

…Very Good!…

You couldn’t if you wanted to, anyway.

I’m simply making a point, by shining a spotlight on your arrogant ignorance.

Now, swear at me some more…It’s all you mentally impotent sorts really have, anyway.


You are correct, it’s not the only platform. But, many MAPs do have a long, deep establishment on this platform, without serious incident in our own behavior.

Plus, accounts like this serve an indispensable service, integrated with my regular blog, other services wont perform.

Rules are set to protect the vulnerable, yes…many MAPs are vulnerable, also.

There needs to be a breaking of rules, and/or a true, objective threat present, before Twitter begins to punish people for infractions.

Expressed identity, is a ridiculous excuse.

This needs to be addressed on a case by case basis. And Twitter was already addressing it.

There is no practical reason for this expansion, plus it introduces a dangerous precedent, of punitive action based on subjective judgement regarding identity.

Nothing good about that.


If there ever comes a time when you cannot find me here, do a search for “Our Love Frontier”…or FreeSpeechTube…or BoyChat…

The first is my blog [and various websites]…the second I’m semi active on…the third is old stomping grounds I sometimes resurface on.

My original handle is Steve-D…I may not be perfect, but I am honest…and I strive to be fair and decent to all.

I would not trade this existence for any other.

Until something changes, I will engage in business as usual here, continuing to be a light in the dark.


Twitter has turned into a curious part of my life, when I originally didn’t even know what I was going to do with this account.

I even do most of my writing for my main blog here, as crazy as that seems…



Twitter is being shitty to MAPs in general, and it’s unclear where the hair is ultimately going to be split.

To the best of my knowledge, my account remains within Twitters TOS.

Life has been extremely hard for me, this last year…and I don’t know when I am going to spontaneously flop over dead…but things are closing in on me…I might rebound, I don’t know…but at this point, worrying is not something I do.

At some point in time, I will have to let go and “depart”.

My decline in activity has had nothing to do with this recent Twitter change…It’s just too much in life is happening, and I cannot keep up with it all.

I’m proud of what I’ve done on this platform, the last ten years.


Thank you for sharing your social conditioning with me.

If we believe the studies, a large chunk of the male population has that experience…

I, however, happen to be a homosexual BoyLover by nature. So, I’d probably not get rock hard.


Your Words:

“Half the people in your MAP community…are rapists and pedophiles”…

You made a direct claim…a rather fantastical one, but still…a claim all the same…

I’d like a credible citation, verifying that half the MAPs in my community are rapists and pedophiles”.


It all centers around the last inclusion.

“promoting or normalizing sexual attraction to minors as a form of identity or sexual orientation”

It’s always been the case, strict rules govern behavior with minors, but this seems tailored to banish MAPs for their community name.

…When we are talking about a community of many people who have remained scrupulously within Twitters TOS for many years…and for whom no valid reason to banish has yet been identified…it is concerning that they are inventing an entirely new, vague rule like this.


I Love You!

Thank you.

There are times I feel like the best is behind me…but I shall continue to endure till the day I die.

Yes…Better days are on their way!


As a MAP, I’ve never been on this platform [in my ten years here], pushing for the legalization of sex with children or child porn…

I’ve been here as an honest human being, pushing back against the extreme distortions, so many are trying to force upon MAPs.


“Okay”…”Not Okay”…

These are subjective to a wide pool of variables.

By my experience and logical judgement…if it causes no objective harm…then it deserves to be acknowledged as “okay”.

People often subjectively try to argue there is inherent harm, despite no evidence.


Well…Goody Goody You!…

Maybe you can expand the horizons of your mind, with this wonderful discovery of Me!

I’d like to remind…It remains within Twitters TOS, to be a pedophile using this service.


We are here…

…Nothing is going to change that.

I recommend getting used to it.


So many really nasty ones out tonight.


They don’t help do that.

This looks to be some kind of consolation, to hate mongers and smear merchants threatening to take their claims to larger media, and cause havoc for Twitter…over a “problem”, which in reality does not even exist.

An invented story by outsiders.


…and, keep in mind…your subjective, socially influenced experience on what is “weird” or “normal”, is just that…

…”your” subjective, socially influenced experience.


Credible citation please.


Who hurt you so bad, that you have a heart so black and full of hate?

Of the two of us, I am the one who has survived a galaxy of abuse…and unlike you, I did not allow this to destroy me.


Yeah…I think this has basically been there, from the previous revision…Possibly they made a slight change.

It seems they’re targeting people who label themselves MAP in their bio, and “get too perky” about being a MAP.

It seems some Twitter admin have gotten disgruntled, over all the “uppity MAPs”.

This is so wrong, in it’s own right…

…But on a personal level, presumably, my behavior on this platform is still protected, based on that section.

Clarity is demanded here.


At this moment, it’s more about transparency in Twitters intention, and making it clear…along with how people can avoid “violating” this new “rule”.

If this is an underhanded move, to strip minorities of their humanity and abilities, Twitter needs to openly own that.


Kindly save your ignorant hate speech, and keep it to yourself.

Thank You!


Ah…Another mouthy one, who’s hysterical emotions drive them…and who’s self chosen handle is an oxymoron, in addition.

Previous posts from same person:

“Sometimes you have to work with someone you hate.”

“You can’t make everything you dislike in this world conform to how you want it to be.”

“Grow a thicker skin.”

Don’t follow their own advice much, do they?


Ugly Dehumanization:

Oh Yes!…a “loverofliberty”…

…but not for “your” liberty…

…not even when it’s a basic human right, we’re talking about?


It’s like I’ve said, over and over and over for years.

When you’re doing nothing objectively wrong and staying scrupulously within the laws and rules…people who mean you harm identify your commonalities, and create laws and rules against those.

They force you into “violation”



I don’t know if you’ve ever read, watched or listened to investigative reporting on how these social media corporations enforce their rules, but it typically involves low paid, low trained workers, who don’t even live in the same country, vulnerable to fanatic bias.


It is beyond pathetic, that anyone would report your tweet, asking for clarification…

There are a lot of deluded fanatics jumping on top of this, and having their premature celebrations.


I’ve watched the activity of actual MAPs in map hashtags dwindle to virtually nothing, and have suspected for some time that malefactors on Twitters admin have been targeting open MAPs, causing this silence.

I can tell you from experience…

…There has been at least one unidentified, unaccountable person at Twitter, who has proven their willingness to interfere with the accounts of MAPs, in coordination with foaming at the mouth antis, who are up to no good.


Not that I want to resort to an old talking point, but it remains relevant…

It’s 2020…

…Are we still trapped in the dark ages, where corporations can gate keep facts & discussion, while denying the humanity of individuals, and throwing them to the wolves?


One of the reasons I’ve always condemned MAPs who throw other MAPs under the bus, is because this is not the time, nor the place to be aggressively fighting out our differences.

As I’ve said many times, the “pious” MAPs will still be abused, exactly the same as other MAPs.

I’m not saying a unified front would avoid this type of confrontation and targeting by a corporation…

…but all the infighting has made us weaker, and unorganized…lesser equipped to confront things like this.



…But Twitter still really, seriously needs to clarify where they are intentionally going with all of this.

What is their end game?…They need to be transparent.


Ah…still more false characterization…

Are you really this desperate, to paint yourselves with “a win”?


Is this all you power crazed people can do?…

…endlessly lie about other people?

And I don’t know who was responsible for culturing you, but for your education, asking for clarification on a weasel word policy from Twitter is not “being salty”.


Good grief, pal…

…How can I assist you, in finding your way into mentally sound reality?

Censoring people wont do what you seem to think it will.


You know what?…

…I Love Love!


I Love Love.

Love Is Here and Now.


Ugly Dehumanization:

I suppose…if you are too mentally impotent to weather the kind of discussion I tend to engage in…then you can run behind a block, of course…

I look upon you sorts with pity.


What they offered as some…”argument”[?] to the term Nepiophile…

It’s a real term, used by actual professionals in the real world…

…Get over it.


For what?…

…Discussing the realities of life?

As of yet, they still don’t have laws that send people to prison for that in the USA.


Ugly Dehumanization:

Oh…the deep, deep “intellect”…

Well!…They expressed it, with graphic dehumanization…so…”that settles it”…


“Minor Attracted Person” is an umbrella term, representing the convergence of four distinctly recognized groups, only one of which happens to be pedophiles.

The other three are demonstrably different from classic pedophilia, which is why they are specified different from it.


Ugly Dehumanization:

Is this what Twitter wants?…

…for it’s website to remain a hot bed of hate and dehumanization, against a demographic of decent people largely categorized as “mentally ill”, without any push back towards it?

Is this what Twitter stands for now?


What makes me sick to death about these “go to therapy” sorts, aside from the fact that they are completely talking out of their asses…

…Is that they have already devalued someone as a human being right from the start, and dismissed everything about them.


Ugly Dehumanization:

The abusers of Twitter have had some continually enlightening things to say…about themselves.

This is the sort of thing they spew, responding to MAPs calling for clarification from Twitter regarding it’s policy change potentially effecting them.


Ugly Dehumanization:

Unhinged paranoia and phobia, right here.

Invoking a stereotype…possibly referencing a troll who identifies as a MAP.


Ugly Dehumanization:

You summarize people placing themselves out here for the benefit of society, in ways that could destroy them or even get them killed…as being “humans that don’t care about society”?…

How very disconnected of you.

This fully ignores and sidesteps everything positive an individual MAP has ever done in this world.

It is grotesque contempt, fully divorced from reality.


Ugly Dehumanization:

What do you think it would look like?…the expressions on the faces of these two, if they were equally judged, condemned and sentenced so unjustly as they have decided to impose upon another?

Truth be told…that behavior is pure phobia.


Ugly Dehumanization:

Why shouldn’t decent people roam the public, and teach preschool?


My Goodness!…

…I had no idea I was going to encounter so many abusive, insane people in the responses to this tweet…

…Guess I get to report a bunch of these abusive, insane people!…



…and spineless cowards, of the highest degree.

All they know how to do, is lie about people, get people censored via mindless outrage campaigns, and then be so stupid as to strut around gloating over how “they won”.

They exploit public panic, nothing more. Run from dialogue.


Sick and Demented Dehumanization:

There is no need of response to this.

It’s indefensible on it’s face.

It’s author condemns themselves.


Ugly Dehumanization:

The term “Minor Attracted Person” [MAP] does not normalize the idea of having sex with children.

It’s a clinical and scientific term, used in research.

Sad people, grasping for selfish power, by trying to strip others of their own, vital abilities.



…Such Unbelievable Strength, Endurance and Power, in The MAP Community!!

#mappositivity #mappositivity2 #mappositivity3 #mappushback #mapsbelonghere



…They deserve to be treated like the human beings they are.


I report a lot of those nasty accounts…and some of them do get action taken against them…some even terminated by Twitter…But, it’s not enough.

It’s galling, if they think they’re going to turn a blind eye to that, but throw the good people [MAPs] under the bus.


If they have the poor judgement to use this against law abiding MAPs…we will capitalize on this…

…We don’t go away…You cannot get rid of us…We are You…and we always will be.

We morph into whatever we need to be.

Twitter cannot shirk us.


I totally agree with you.

This is such a vague rule…and a mind blowing, unnecessary one, at that…

Where is this even coming from?…

Are they just going to start banning “the inconvenient” on this platform, because they don’t want to deal with the controversy?


Me either!

At the risk of sounding pompous and hedonistic…I honestly consider some of my writings here, to be culturally important…to human kind, in general.

The MAP voice is one voice that is missing…It’s what the masses need to hear.



Twitter is no hero, and I’m certain few of us were ever under such an impression…

In the aftermath of Twitter banning valid news, from major news sources…stuff like this makes you feel like they’re setting the stage, for more fascist censorship.


That’s a very good question…

I know for a fact, there have been rogue moderators on Twitter all along…Have no idea if they got their way, and just pushed this through, or if some other organization was twisting their arm.

I’d be interested in knowing who is behind this.


Well…I don’t claim to have the perfect strategy, but this is one of the big reasons, why I never put “MAP” in my bio…

My account covers and intermingles with a very wide range of topics, also…That I’m a MAP, is incidental…


…I’ve written a lot here over the past decade, which I consider to be important content, concerning MAP philosophy and existence…and just positive promotion of mental well being…

I have no intention of ever deleting that.


We have as much place here, as anyone else.


Yes…there has been brazen maltreatment…

I’m not suggesting every MAP who got action taken against them did nothing against the TOS…

…But there have been cases of unjust maltreatment against some MAPs on Twitter.


Certain actions are illegal…the orientation, itself, has no law against it.

…It’s neither moral nor immoral…it’s just a state of being.

I know Twitter has a problem with power crazed moderators even @jack cannot control.

But a TOS against a state of being?


And, Of Course…

…Another mouthy, spineless coward…spouting off, and promptly retreating behind a block.

This is the “quality” of character, among the mentally impotent crew, who’ve been obsessed over getting mommy to drive MAPs off Twitter for them.

Pathetic lot.


[I’m a pedophile]


…So what?

It’s entirely possible, as a pedophile, I’m 1000 times better of a human being, than you ever have been.

Being a pedophile is no mark of shame, on anyone.


Actually…it is.

The problem is, most people don’t understand what goes into making up a sexual orientation…and they like to reserve the term for only the socially condoned sexual orientations.

It attempts denial of social validation.


[Block me]

You’re perfectly free to do that yourself.


Thank You!


Well, if you have anything to share regarding this, I’m interested…I’ll do a search later…Need to go to bed…But I do have a series of posts at my blog, dedicated to the curious initiatives of CF…This would fit in quite nicely.


…One can scarcely sell their integrity down the river any faster, than that…My goodness…

I’ll have to check this out.


It might explain some of the underhanded maltreatment some MAPs have faced, over the last several months, at the hands of Twitter moderators.


Hugo is great, IMO.


You were responding to the Bea Dobson comment?

I’m getting a bit confused here.


The Borat character is insanely funny…particularly if you don’t let the offensive stuff throw you, and can just laugh at the outrageous scenes.


He is on record [I don’t have a link at hand], publicly calling for “pedophiles” to be banned from the internet…

He has definitely crossed a line, in the not so distant past.


‘m sorry…

…I know he’s a pro censorship fascist…but I cannot resist this character of his…


Ugly Dehumanization:

Now, see…

…If this obsessed stalker were telling the truth, and they honestly did not care, they’d not be trying this hard to gain our attention just to habitually provoke us.

Heck, they’d not be here at all.

My history defends itself, Thank You!


Ugly Dehumanization:

Not sure what thoughts they are talking about, as I’m not predatory…nor particularly disgusting…but clearly, they have some sort of disgusting thoughts stuck in their own head.

Don’t presume so much.



Truth be told, they should be directing their ire, at the people spreading lies against all of our groups…not at other groups also being lied about.


Ah!…Thank you…

It’s fairly simple, really.

It’s a positive thing to put into this hashtag, which I imagine many MAPs will appreciate.


Extremely Ugly Dehumanization:

…Because “you” are the only people on this planet…

And, my goodness!…

…perish the thought, that you’d ever empathize with any group, living an even harder, more complicate existence than you.


Did they have a negative reaction to this?


Van Halen – Give To Live [Live] (1993) HQ

#mappositivity #mappositivity2 #mappositivity3

One of the greatest rock songs ever created…It just seems fitting to share here.


[You ROCK Steve! xx]

Thank You!



No guarantees…but, I think the habitual lying shill is going to win…

…thus, replacing the habitual lying shill currently in the white house…

I think Trump is out…but Biden is no cause for celebration.

We had to endure Trump, to make Biden seem good.

It’s sickening.




I think [not positive] it was released into the public domain…If you search, you might be able to find a freely available PDF copy somewhere.


I’m huge on horror movies, going way back into my early teens. I know exactly what you mean.


I recommend the book “The Early Homosexual Rights Movement: (1864-1935)” by
John Lauritsen and David Thorstad…written by people who were actually part of the early movement.

MAPs were fundamental in the movement.


A fox who became attached to a human after being rescued

[Someone claimed I was equating foxes with human children]

I flatly am not.

It’s an uplifting story.


The lgbtq+ has no authority, over whether or not we are here.

Unless it intends on formally being a hate group, the lgbtq+ should never attack or deny the human rights of MAPs.

MAPs don’t require your acceptance, to be valid and to belong in this world!


I’m just amazed you can take mud and rocks, and make clean water with it.


It’s a classic, for sure!

When I saw it my first time, I still believed in the sorts of things that were being depicted…

It doesn’t have the same effect on me today, though.


There may be a rare exception, but these are accounts of people who decided to enter a #mappositivity hashtag, and start abusing MAPs…

This is one of my online hobbies…reporting, and displaying the reports.


People Do The Darndest Things:

…Those people you realize are trying to promote some kind of trouble for others, disrupt and cause chaos…

They’re not one of us & mute would be nice…but their tweets often link to interesting tweets…


True, raw activism began through a personal metamorphosis, by thirty seven.

I’ve been marching my own path, ever since…

This world will give you nothing, and it will curse you for your honesty.

I consider every attack I’ve stood up to, to be a badge of honor.

I have spent a lifetime, thinking about and questioning my sexuality, along with educating myself…

…It’s why I have such a refined view on it…and why I do not fear it.


I recall an internet movement years ago, where Americans were apologizing for George W. Bush…

…Maybe we should do the same for Texas?


You’re right…they do get it.

The election narrative never changes…This is a repetition of the same old “election” BS, which we’ve seen endlessly…

…And if we live to see another “election”, they’ll serve us yet another round.

This system is designed to strip not only outsiders, but also the actual majority of their voice and vote…

It’s designed to disallow for any change.

There are always smoke and mirrors to throw into our faces, when it’s time to “elect”.


Awww…how predictable…

Does not even a single one of these uneducated buffoons have integrity…or a spine?


4chan had no hand in creating the MAP Community.


[Some try to mock us in public, saying we don’t even know the genesis of our movement, which they claim to be a 4chan troll campaign from 2016]

Minor Attracted Person has a history which goes back into the mid 1990’s.

The 4chan trolls simply tried to intermingle with us, but we’ve been established for well over a decade at this point.

4chan had nothing to do with starting us.


People Speaking Crazy:

Existence, discussion of social issues concerning you and personal expression, do not constitute “supporting specific crimes”.


People Say The Darndest Things:

What is so “destructive” about my beliefs, when they are formed and led by careful observation, research and decades worth of reading, watching and listening…while being carefully loyal to honest accuracy?

In addition, Antis tend to self title themselves this label.


[Eddie Van Halen]

…Absolutely not prepared to learn of this…[though I had a feeling in my gut, we were about to learn of another huge death…and here it is]…

Had no idea he was sick…Was hoping for another album or two, before the end.

It’s “funny”…

…A few months back, I purchased a CD “single” of Crossing Over…which I still have to rip to MP3.


…which promotes sexual activity, and ultimately the fertility of the species.

Nobody says anything is perfect…but given the millions of years of evolution leading to us, and all the aspects which have carried over into us…and given that it hasn’t been until fairly recent..

…that we even live an average past our thirties…and given how long pedophilia has been recorded being with us…I think it’s fair to accept, that this is just how we have evolved.

It’s part of our broader survival model, as a species.


Oh My Goodness #mappositivity !

The awards just keep pouring in for the MAP Community!


Definitely, yes…In more ways than one.


That is mighty despicable of them.

All the same…the behavior is indefensible, on her part.


As an established community with a recognized title, MAPs have existed since the mid 2000’s…though the term “Minor Attracted Person” goes back over twenty years.

Of course, we’ve existed predating the term also, whether kids were involved in the community or not.


The Push Back Report:

#mappositivity #mappositivity2 #Mappushback

This Tabby “FBI Agent” individual really needs to be looked into.

Impersonating an FBI agent is a federal crime.

Or if they’re a legitimate FBI agent, something needs to be done about it.


[Trump and Biden “debate”]

Lavern & Shirley’s cat fight finally ended…





Woman, 22, who had ‘sexual contact’ three times with a boy, 14, who she met on the internet avoids jail after judge says ‘there was genuine affection’ between the pair…

Seeing the look in her eyes…

…those soulless monsters are putting this woman through psychological hell…just as they’ve done to countless…and over what?…

…So they can grind up another human being, to reinforce “their ownership” of everybody else’s genitals?

It is double standards, yes…but there is yet so much more to pick up on, in this story.

If we can find any “bright” point in this, I think it’s that someone acknowledged there were benevolent feelings, and it was not malicious.

It’s at least some sort of step towards reality


Very nice!


Or as a lot of them would say…



When and How I Use the Term MAP:

“Minor Attracted Person” represents all recognized groups, who are attracted to young human beings, yet cannot legally be with those young human beings for sexual relations.

This includes nepiophiles, pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles…

When I use the term MAP, it is to recognize these groups combined, and the social issues which impact upon all of us.

MAP is the shared experience, among a wide and diverse group of people.

Nepiophile, Pedophile, Hebephile and Ephebophile are the personal orientation and experience of individuals.


[kpop video flooding in #mappositivity]

What I find curious in this behavior, is that they tend to post videos of cute teens in MAP hashtags, which is no punishment.

The ones who get nasty, get in trouble for it…so, there is a price for that sort of behavior.

It just comes back to bite themselves.


I Also Tend To:
Report a lot of abuse on this platform.
Report anything illegal on this platform.

I seem to have garnered not only a relatively stable, uncommonly large following for a MAP…but some degree of grace and tolerance, on this platform.


Their own opinion, and more to the point, that of others and society as a collective.

Basically, people standing in the way of not only others ability to learn something, but in the way of allowing people to freely communicate information and ideas.


No…but I will take your reaction in stride, as I know many of you unfamiliar with our long term legacy, tend to experience culture shock when encountering literal discussion of this nature…

What you see here on Twitter, is more of an offshoot branch…

…It focuses on MAP mental health, with a dash of publicly building up our humanity.

The main thrust in all of this on Twitter, is coming from younger MAPs…

Among those of us MAPs who’ve been involved in activism for decades, you’ll find a lot more of us with…

…longer, deeper experience with the system, politics and society…and a lot of us after many years of our life spent on this, flatly reached a breaking point, in the face of ever more extreme encroachments, abuses, alienation, skewing of research, smear campaigns…

…the undercutting of needed research…and endless pissing in our faces, for “the sin” of having tried to find resolutions…

In our activism…many of us started speaking our true minds, and letting the world of obstruction, abuse and exploitation know…

…that it can go to hell…

It refuses to treat us as human beings, or let us play any meaningful role in molding social opinion, law and practice…it refuses to let us be ourselves, and be known for who we are…

…So, we simply plot our own course, and speak…

…from a place of genuine truth…

Part of that truth does include the rebuke of people who obstruct dialogue, who dehumanize and exploit other people…

This is where that “episode” came from.

Frankly…MAPs like myself have had our fill of societies status quo…and we are just done with it…and with all of it’s B.S.

I stand behind everything I expressed in that video…It’s a little tacky in choice of wording, but the message is sound.

I made that video early on in the M.A. Today project, as I was really just gearing up to get things underway…and it was more of a side thought…It probably would not have hurt, had it never been made…but, I made it…and I’m republishing media…

…I was making from that era in my activism…

Though I haven’t been losing any sleep over it…it’s always been my intention to return my writings and media to the internet, when a good opportunity presented itself.

Happily…Wordpress is not as extreme where it comes to censorship, as most other places are…like Twitter…And you actually can take the system to task, over it’s excesses and abuses against MAPs…

With the rise of FreeSpeechTube…it was time…

…to release some of my old media…

They actually wont censor you for discussing politically incorrect things, about taboo issues.

I’m a laymen “researcher”…I’ve been out here since the late 1990’s…I’ve witnessed in alarm, as the government…

…censured empirical research, from accredited institutions, because the findings didn’t match what they wanted to hear…

…I’ve looked on in anger, as the government defunded institutions, in retaliation…

…I know what it’s like first hand…

…to participate in a first of it’s kind research project, just to have it derailed by the interference of government and private zealots, who make up and spread whatever claims they please…

I know what it is like, realizing how hard we have sincerely fought…

…all these many years…and becoming angry as fuck, that we have effectively been trapped at the exact same place we started, all due to a world full of shitheads, who demand a social class they can punch down at without consequence…

There once, many, many, many years ago…was a day when I would not have spoken or thought in the way represented in that piece of media…

Thing is…it eventually dawned on me, that there are people and institutions dead set on representing…

…everything, which is in any way related to us MAPs, as absolutely dark, inhuman, indefensible…

…Taking everything, omitting any positive or neutral, and going insane with negative horror stories…to the point of publicly calling for our murder, etc…

If any truthful discussion is to happen at all…it falls upon those of us who live this existence, who have a rich understanding of it, to step forward and take control of the conversation.

This is why I have no moral qualms, with talking about the taboos of “pedophilia”…

…and more to the point, with being honest and non-hysterical, while doing such.

If you do your research, you’ll actually find that many cultures throughout history, have approached child/youth sexuality in ways vastly different from modern, punishment centered…

…approaches, commonly found in “western” societies…

There is even some acceptance of hebephilia and ephebophilia…arguably pedophilia, also…

The extreme reaction to these things, does not hold true all places, in all times or all settings…

I am not horrified at the knowledge, that there have existed more permissive, more understanding cultures…

In fact, it comes off as absolutely natural, and understandable, that they would have existed.

In addition…if you know the methodology of research aimed at this phenomena..

…you will find that it is designed to make these activities and their effects, to seem as absolutely dire and horrific as possible.

We have suffered under many decades, of research which grotesquely falsifies it’s findings.

…and the establishment has to attack, de-fund…

…and all around derail [even running experts out of the field], any research which does not fall in line, and reaffirm the conclusion it wants.

All of this has happened…This is factual history.

I condemn, with everything in my being…the current establishment.

Understanding all of this…I discuss these issues and this existence, from a no nonsense point of view…never apologizing for contradicting “the powers from on high”, who clearly have their own agenda, leading to our eradication…possibly holocaust.

Now more than ever…there needs to be honest, level headed and clear discussions of the reality of it, to combat the hyperbole and aggression.

For the life of me…I do not understand why, those who are genuinely concerned about the safety of all humans…

…are not more outraged and adamant, about the distortions and lack of clear understanding, which are being forced onto these issues.

Transparent truth, is always paramount.

Because we don’t have it, the extremists are running rampant.


I have always stood and worked against the rape and assault of children…period.

My historic actions testify to this.

In fact…if most people realized what some of my past in “pedophile” communities entailed…they’d understand just how twisted and ass backwards it is, to flippantly talk about me as if I were part of some “good ol boys club, there to oversee the rape of children”…


…..TAP-Net Website | Sub-Blog Archive

2 thoughts on “My Twitter Tweets: Responses and Posts Going Back to September 21, 2020…

  1. Yure

    > …Another, not featured here, is The Push Back Report…which was my campaign to report everyone showing up in the #mappositivity hashtag, who was dehumanizing, smearing or threatening MAPs…I had something like 130+ installments of the reports I gave on my results…since something like April…This pissed a lot of people off, because I took down a lot of people [who deserved it].

    You did well, thanks for your contribution. Do you plan on going back to Twitter, tho, even if you keep a low profile?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Not right away.

      I don’t like to mix MAP stuff with my computers I don’t use for that sort of thing [I have one dedicated PC, currently], but I want to keep access to the last six months of tweets, and I’m blocked from downloading my archive [which I last did in May 2020]…I’d like to explore for a while, and maybe see what I can stumble upon that I want to save.

      I’ll need to use another PC, because if I log out with this one it’s likely I’ll never be able to log in again.

      There has been an insane something about my account, which never lets me log back in when I get logged out [often not by my own choice], and I have to go through a whole process of changing my password every time I log back in. I don’t trust Twitter to even let me do that, at this point.

      I might open a new account likely to remain dormant for a while…but I’d likely need a new e-mail account…I don’t know what the deal is with recent changes made by Safe-Mail [my preferred service for “throw away” accounts]…and I might need to find a new service for that.

      I don’t generally do this sort of thing, as it’s been many years since anything like this has happened to me.

      I might return in 2021, but I don’t want to right away.


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