Charlie Kirk’s BONKERS Thanksgiving Rant…

Date: November 21, 2020

01) LINK

“Charlie Kirk goes on an insane rant about liberals and Thanksgiving.

“Charlie Kirk: “The Left has always hated Thanksgiving” and “now they’re using the virus as an excuse for you not to be thankful”


I have no idea who this bozo is…and I don’t really care, to be completely honest…but as a patriot myself, I’ve been saying for most of my life…yes, this country does need a revolution…

…The USA is in desperate need of a revolution.

This is a failed state, on so many levels…

What we have today does not work for the people…It degrades and impoverishes the people, on every level.

This is extremely bad…and the idiots with power to change things are unwilling to make those changes.

The average U.S. citizen has been betrayed.

Thanksgiving, itself, is great…

…I have no idea what that liar is going on about…

…but Thanksgiving is lovely, and true patriots fight for the people…all of the people.


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