Greek Myths They Couldn’t Teach You In School…


Date: November 24, 2020

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“When we learn about Greek mythology in school, we hear a lot about the heroes. But it turns out that there’s a lot of little details — and entire stories — that are super dark, and slip through the cracks of higher learning. Here are stories from Greek mythology they couldn’t teach you in school.

Tantalus, the king of Sipylus, was insanely rich and incredibly evil. Given that his father was Zeus and his mother was the daughter of two Titans, maybe genetics had something to do with it. Regardless, he was afforded certain privileges. Among them was a standing invitation to enter Mount Olympus, where he would join the gods for their meals. Three different stories emerge about what happened next, but they all agree that Tantalus screwed up.

In the first story, Tantalus tells his fellow mortals what the gods are planning for them. In another, he steals the gods’ food, ambrosia and nectar, and gives it to those same mortals. The third story is a bit more… extreme.

To test whether the gods really did know everything, he decides to kill his son, Pelops, and cook him for dinner. He serves his special Pelops stew, and no one eats it, except for Demeter, who is distracted and mourning the loss of her daughter to the Underworld.
As punishment for the act, Zeus condemns Tantalus to eternal hunger and thirst. He’s even forced to stand in a pool of water that drains when he tries to drink, and beneath a tree with fruit that hangs just out of reach.

Watch the video for more Greek Myths They Couldn’t Teach You In School!”


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