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NWL Electric League – November 25, 2020…


Date: November 25, 2020

01) LINK

Match 1: Buddy Slam VS Purple Rain – 68%

Match 2: Max Love & Bolt Jamison VS Power Bob & Del Pedro – 75%

Main Event:

Match 3: Pan VS Mel Chen – ??%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Purple Rain Loss: Buddy Slam
Win: Power Bob & Del Pedro Loss: Max Love & Bolt Jamison
Main Event Match: Pan Defeats Mel Chen

Show Referee: Buyah! & Neon Leon

Location: Zen Land

Buddy Slam announced his retirement from the ring.

The game suffered a critical crash during the tail end of the main event, hence the card comes to an end without recording the match ending. The game was still running, but the picture was gone…the audio confirmed Pans win. There are two matches left, and then it’s over…I don’t believe I am ever going to do another league tournament again…this is to much hassle, especially when you have to contend with these crashes.

As things stand, Power Bob is the only one who can win this tournament outright, provided he wins his match. Otherwise, the NWL Championship will be decided in a 3 way elimination match between Power Bob, Mel Chen and Banana Mask.


BEST RANKED MATCH: Max Love & Bolt Jamison VS Power Bob & Del Pedro – 75%