Both Sides Of Peterson Book Debate Are Dumb…

Date: November 29, 2020

01) LINK

“Jordan Peterson has a new book.”

As I recall it…Jordan’s objection was not based out of any personal refusal to acknowledge transgender people…It was based out of a refusal to accept the government placing the force of law and legal penalties, behind the enforcement of speech conformity.

He may have been wrong in his perception of the law…but it is highly awkward and alarming for any governmental body to invoke itself into a social issue like this, in that way.

I wonder if Anna would still hold the same opinion she is expressing here [which I agree with], when considering what just happened to my decade old Twitter account?…and what has happened to many MAPs on Twitter?

We were targeted by an indefensibly bull shit policy, the likes of which gets applied to nobody at all…and nobody in their right mind would suggest it was either just or scrupulous.

Twitter literally invented an outrageous new policy, for the explicit purpose of being able to take action against MAPs who were not violating their TOS…In fact, many of us were exemplary members of the Twitter community for years, prior to this sucker punch.


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