Right-Wing Snowflakes Retreat To Safe Space…

Date: November 29, 2020

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“Right-wing snowflakes are retreating to their safe space.”

Twitter absolutely does censor people and topics…In fact, they’ve recently gotten extremely dirty in how they go about targeting minorities which are not violating their TOS.

Twitter is as dirty and underhanded as any major platform gets, where it comes to targeting and censoring minorities and topics of discussion.

Look into the recent expansion of the CSEM [Child Sexual Exploitation Material] policy, and how this new, outlandish rule has been used against a community of people on Twitter who have been abiding by both laws and Twitters TOS for years.

Twitter directly knows that Minor Attracted Person [MAP] is an established term in both psychological and research fields, as they were petitioned by dozens of experts in these fields to leave MAPs alone, so long as they were violating no laws or terms of service. For the past few years, there has been an understanding between MAPs and Twitter, and MAPs have been a generally positive and beneficial presence on Twitter.

Then for no reason, Twitter amended the CSEM policy to contain a rule forbidding “making sexual attraction to children/teens an identity”…Which is insane on it’s face, because how do you even discuss the realities of your own existence and humanity, without acknowledging how you are personally oriented and what commonly accepted terms are associated with that?

We are talking about people who were breaking no laws [and were committed not to], who were harassing nobody, who were keeping to themselves in their own hashtags, who were only interacting with people that approached them…and who were scrupulously functioning within Twitters own TOS for years.

I personally lost a very active account over ten years old, because of this indefensible nonsense.

Somebody got mad that MAPs were using Twitter, and that they had no valid reason to take action against us…so they wrote a new rule, explicitly for the purpose of claiming that we are now “in violation of Twitters rules/standards”…and the creeps tied it in with the CSEM policy, to boot…If that is not dirty beyond all comprehension, then nothing is.

If you think this is in any way just, at all…name me any other demographic, on any major platform, which has had anything like this inflicted upon it and had action taken against it based on such a premise.

MAPs were an asset to Twitter, providing outreach, stability, resources and combating hyperbole…They took our previous hashtags where MAPs were doing nothing even remotely wrong [many of us were even reporting abuses and people claiming to be looking for sex, porn, whatever, in our hashtags], silenced the good people who were doing good work there [via suspensions and terminations], and left these hashtags a cesspit of dehumanizing hate speech, violent threats and threats against the lives of MAPs by aggressive hoards of invaders…All of which brazenly violates Twitters TOS…All of which Twitter appears to be not only openly hosting, but actively sheltering, as they wont take action against it.

I have a long history of reporting all of this type of stuff, as it was endlessly inflicted upon us in our own hashtags…Twitter used to thank me, for staying on top of this sort of thing. Now, incredulously, they wont even respond to my reporting of grotesque TOS violations.

There was absolutely no reason for any of this…We did nothing to deserve these abuses from Twitter and the hate groups it hosts.


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