The Bare Minimum of Human Dignity and Equal Freedom for MAPs…

About This Series

Date: December 09, 2020

01) On Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia As Sexual Orientation

“To have people advocate for their sexual interest in children to be considered an orientation, equivalent to straight, bi, or gay, and for it to be endorsed and publicly supported, is to deny, minimize, and otherwise spit on the experience of those who have been sexually abused.”

“If one detects a measure of disbelief in my tone, you’d be reading it accurately. But whether those testimonials are true or not doesn’t really matter, it is simply another way of saying …

“While I deeply and sincerely feel for all the pain that has been caused as a result of your sexual abuse by an adult, I hope it won’t bother you if I showcase the shining examples of people who, unlike you, have managed to rise above that silly little boundary violation.”

Which is to say, “I may say I value your feelings, but actually I don’t, because it’s really all about me and always has been.”

I am serious when I say these people have to be the most shockingly tone deaf people I have ever seen in my life.”

“When these individuals and groups, who often have profile pictures of children and toddlers, dryly discuss this topic on Medium it is a slap in the face, and potentially triggering to those who have been abused. Whether they have a “right” to or not, is the wrong metric. If they care about their users on this platform, Medium would either not allow it, or provide an effective way to allow people who do not want to see it, be confident they never will. That is not advocating free speech violations, it is respecting the mental health of a large segment of your user base.

Because, as H. Nemesis Nyx, accurately points out, if your “kink” happens to be underage, and it’s strictly a masturbatory fantasy that is never carried out, then really, no one needs to know it, do they? If it’s more than that, then we have a problem. People with a healthy sexuality and a good sense of personal boundaries don’t feel the need to make their kinks a major factor in their public or online identity.”


…Thank you for decreeing, from the throne room of your palace, that you think MAPs belong to a special sub-group of human being, which lacks the status and freedom of other groups of human being.

Thank you for explaining why “we have no right” to respond to science, research, social issues, personal issues, and the most heinous accusations made about people like us…because you don’t want to see or hear anything about it which fails to reaffirm your own expectations.


…There are a lot of extremely hard issues, both social and personal, for which we are only doing greater damage by leaving them to fester, and not addressing what needs addressing, all to placate the angry and intolerant.

Do you imagine this is all a jolly good time for MAPs?

Do you think we are just having fun trolling you, for a laugh?

For MAPs, these are literal life and death issues…These are issues of being able to function and survive…These are issues of self worth and belonging, as a human being.

You act so smug and condescending…dismissing our orientations as “a kink”…and dismissing our openly talking about real social issues which need to change, as being some kind of trivial chatter…

The fact that MAPs are forced to live their entire lives under this abusive system…and if we stick our heads up at all, or stand up for ourselves…people like you feel entitled to rebuke us for “being disrespectful to victims”…even when we are doing objectively nothing against victims…is monumentally fucked up.

For once in the history of this ruthless species…how about we actually afford at least the bare minimum of human dignity and equal freedom to MAPs?…How about we actually put into practice for once, the principle of free speech and that of ones right to defend themselves, to associate, to reach out and to talk about issues which deeply impact their lives?

How about people like you stop thinking only of yourselves and what triggers you, and come to understand that your demands for thought purity and expression purity, are wreaking unspeakable havoc and suffering for other human beings?

How about no longer taking whatever unfortunate thing happened to you, using it as an excuse to keep doing shitty, abusive things against MAPs [a demographic which is overwhelmingly forced to be voiceless]?

MAPs who step out into the open, literally risk their lives in doing such.

We do it, because the issues we give voice to are just that vital and urgent.

“Conflating an individuals internal turn on that stays just that, with a pedophile who feels the need to talk about their desire to rape a child, is a massive false equivalency and disingenuous in the extreme.”

…How fucking dare you?…How dare you attempt to put these words into our mouths?


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