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NWL Electric – League Round 2 – Tag Team Championship Tournament – December 15, 2020…


Date: December 15, 2020

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Match 1: Falcor & Atreyu VS Sin Thea & Les Human – 76%

Match 2: Power Bob VS Purple Rain – 80%

Match 3: Bolt Jamison & Max Love VS Reggie Dogg & Merve Stud – 79%

Main Event:

Match 4: Banana Mask VS Mel Chen – XX%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Falcor & Atreyu Loss: Sin Thea & Les Human
Win: Power Bob Loss: Purple Rain
Win: Reggie Dogg & Merve Stud Loss: Bolt Jamison & Max Love
Main Event Match: Interference & Game Crash = No Winner

Show Referee: Buyah!

Location: Kings Court Yard

The Big City Knights and the Sickocrites have been eliminated from the NWL Tag Team Championship tournament.

The Rednecks and Atreyu & Falkor will advance to rount two!

An executive decision was made!

The next cards main event will be a tripple threat match for the NWL Championship Belt, contested by Power Bob, Mel Chen and Banana Mask.


BEST RANKED MATCH: Power Bob VS Purple Rain – 80%




When Netscape Almost Destroyed Microsoft – Nostalgia Nerd…


Date: December 15, 2020

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“Here’s a story that started in 1989, with Microsoft’s alliance with IBM, and their joint OS/2 venture. But it would lead to an Antitrust case waged against Microsoft in 1998 by the United States Government. At the core of this case was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and the way it had been rammed into Windows ’95, in order to crush the competition of Netscape Navigator. It’s a story that the media followed intently, and I felt it was time to re-tell it, and just refresh our memories.”